By Gail Craig - June 15, 2006

Saturday night, after the rain subsided, I donned my iPod and sneaks and headed out, down the West Tisbury Road. My jaunt took me from my house to the Edgartown School and back and it was truly an amazing art show the whole way. I was intrigued by the life that must exist within each square foot of that road, as I effortlessly witnessed birds, caterpillars, butterflies, and moths, and reflected on the turtles I have saved or helped save there, most recently about one week ago. As I returned home, I stood in front of the open field across from Chase Road. It was breathtaking. There were so many colors throughout the field and woods beyond, every conceivable shade of green, yellow, red, pink. And the wind was gently blowing the tall grass, which left me completely mesmerized as the grass swayed endlessly in the breeze. It looked like gentle waves on the ocean. As I moved on toward home, I was by the fields at Morning Glory Farm when a sudden brightness caught my eye. I looked to the left and saw a view straight out of a painting. My words here cannot begin to do it justice but the rich brown fields, freshly tilled and still wet from the earlier rain, were in shadow. The shadow continued up past the fields, to the trees above them and then, within the trees, several houses glowed in the awesome golden late evening sunshine that was breaking through the clouds. The houses appeared to just glow in the brightness.

It struck me as a scene my mom would have loved to paint. In an interesting twist, Buzzy's chosen medium was oil paints, while I "see" these images in watercolor. Lucky for me, I have absolutely no talent with either medium, so I don't have to feel conflicted. Nevertheless, I can enjoy the breathtaking beauty nature provides if I just take the time to watch.

The best news I received this week is that Ozzie the dog has returned home from Tufts Animal Hospital. Although he is not yet walking, he has been able to stand very briefly. His mom, Annie, is continuing his physical therapy and caring for him as only a mom can do. I'm sure that now that he is home, his condition will improve quickly.

Happy birthday to Owen Hess, who officially celebrates his birthday today, June 15, but had his party on Monday due to scheduling constraints. Happy Birthday wishes also go out to Donna Blackburn, who also celebrates today. Have a great day, Donna! Yesterday, June 14, was Flag Day - the big day for Madeline Fisher. Happy birthday, Madeline! I hope you wore your red, white, and blue!

The Times heard from Edith Blake that Mrs. Thomas Flynn of Edgartown normally hangs her laundry out to dry. However she now has a problem, she has no clothes pins. The reason is that a little wren has decided that the clothes pin basket made a nice ready built nest and has moved in and is in the throes of raising a good sized family. Mrs. Flynn, instead of being displeased, is enchanted.

I received several news items from the Edgartown Public Library this week. First and foremost, congratulations to Nis Kildegaard, who started as the new reference librarian on 6/6/06, an ominous date to take a new job, for sure. The outward appearance of the Carnegie Building has changed once again with the arrival of new holly bushes out front. If you're feeling strong-bodied, volunteers are needed to help move materials out of the basement. I assume this has something to do with the mold clean-up taking place downstairs, so help is desperately needed. If you would like to become a Friend of the Edgartown Library, stop by and sign up at the front desk of the library. And finally, the staff welcomes back all the summer visitors, who are struggling to find their way around the greatly changed library.

Remember, school gets out next Tuesday. Suddenly, you'll be seeing more little people running around, moving around town, riding bikes and skateboarding etc. Keep an eye out and drive safely.

And remember, even though it's busy and traffic is getting heavy, we are still the people of Martha's Vineyard. Be polite and friendly to each other. Let someone out into traffic. Enjoy life with each other. These are the days we've been waiting for all winter. Don't waste them by being irritated.

Have a great week. Be sure to get me your news.