Native bounty

Island Home Grown Initiative founding members and children. Photo by Ben Scott

Posted June 15, 2006

The rain didn't dampen last Saturday's celebration of Island edibles sponsored by Island Grown Initiative. Cronig's Market in Vineyard Haven was abuzz with activity, all to celebrate local food.

"It was a launch event for the Island Grown Initiative," said Ali Berlow, a founding member of the Island Grown Initiative. "It is a group of citizens creating greater access and promoting awareness to let people know what Martha's Vineyard has to offer as far as its bounty, and also where to get it.

Outside the store entrance, protected from the rain, visitors tasted oysters and learned about them first hand. They also indulged themselves with fresh strawberry cookies, kale rolls, and goat cheese made from local farmers' products.

Approximately 10 farmers were present at the event, which was held to "put a face to the farmer," said Ms. Berlow. "The food that is grown locally is better tasting, riper, and not designed to ship across the country."

According to Ms. Berlow, the group will sponsor other events over the next few months to continue educating the community about the availability and benefits of Island grown food.

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