Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - June 15, 2006

Sunday last was the perfect setting for two major events taking place in Oak Bluffs. The Harbor Festival, postponed from the previous rainy day, was most successful and busy. At the same time in the Campground, the Class of 2006 of Martha's Vineyard Regional High School held their graduation ceremonies. As grandson Matt Rivers was one of the graduates, naturally that is where I was that afternoon. The students were a whirling mass of purple and white as they and their families and friends congregated before the happy march into the Tabernacle, hugging, laughing, and generally up-beat. This preview seemed to set the tone for the ceremony and the speeches. The music was great and the students' fondness for their classmates could easily be felt by their enthusiastic support of each one as he or she came onto the stage to receive that long-awaited diploma. The great support and love the citizens of this Island give to one another was once more greatly evident on this afternoon.

The one downside to the whole afternoon was the people on the very outside edges of the Tabernacle who apparently felt their conversations and socializing were much more important than what was taking place inside. People in the last few rows were constantly disturbed by this noise, and despite many people turning around and trying to hush the interruptions, it went on unceasingly throughout the entire 90 minutes of the ceremony, sometimes making it impossible to hear the speeches or the music that the students had put so much time and work into. How very rude and most unfair to everyone else. It made me wish that someone would go to the microphone in the middle of the ceremony and alert the offenders to what a disturbance they were making. As the setting was so informal, I am trying very hard to believe that most of them didn't realize how disruptive their actions were. Let's do better next time, please.

David Stamas, the son of Doreen and Bill Anderson, is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts. David majored in Hotel Management and has returned to spend the summer here with his parents before moving on to new horizons.

Andy and Kathy Farrissey, along with daughter Colleen and son Will, spent last weekend attending the graduation of their son Andrew from Exeter College. Andrew will be attending college in the fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Woolacott of Oak Bluffs are proud to announce the birth of their newest grandson, Eli Maxwell Woolacott. Proud parents are Justin and Marie Woolacott of Savin Hill. Maternal grandparents are Terese Riley of Hingham, John Riley of Hingham, and Paul Schmidt of Denver, Colo. Eli was born on May 21 in Cambridge, and weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz.

Friday Conversations at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center on June 16 will feature guest speaker Joanne Tilghman, who will describe a line of products she has designed for the elderly and handicapped to assist them with daily activities. The program is from 10 until 11:30 am.

West Tisbury poet Dan Waters will give a public reading of his new poems and old favorites at the Oak Bluffs Public Library next Thursday, June 22, at 7 pm. Admission to Thursday's reading is free, and the public is welcome.

David and Carolyn Wright of Allston were here visiting David's mother Judy Searle, over Memorial Day Weekend, and David ran in the Memorial Day Race. His proud mother reports that David came in first for the 34-39 age group.

We send birthday smiles to Stephanie White, who partied on May 25, Hilde Combra on June 11, Mary Ann Alwardt on June 13, Pat Suarez on June 18, and Jane Maseda the next day.

The Oak Bluffs School held a recognition ceremony at their community meeting last Friday with the staff honoring the contributions made by the many volunteers this year. Gifts were geraniums grown in the school greenhouse by Ms. Gately's second-grade class.

The school will once again hold a Summer Book Swap in the school lobby with donated books that can be borrowed, kept, or recycled. Students or families may come in during the summer when the building is open (usually Monday through Friday until 12 noon) and select one or two books at a time. To make this work, the organizers need lots of books! If you or others you know have books in good condition, suitable for preschool to young adults, please drop them off at the school. No adult books or books in poor condition, please. This was a huge success last summer so they hope to continue it again this year.

Enjoy your week, rain or shine, and send your news along to me, please.