Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - June 22, 2006

The hustle and bustle of summer is pushing toward us rapidly and every day brings more people, crowds, and stores opening. Some drivers are starting to get thoughtless and impatient already, but remember this crowded time lasts for a short time so surely we can manage to make life easier for all by being "nicer that we really are" for a couple of months. Let's take the time to notice the beautiful parks, beaches, gardens, and all these assets we are so very fortunate to be living in the middle of.

Save Sat., June 24, for the Woodside Village Tenants Association Annual Yard and Bake Sale. It will be held rain or shine from 8 am to 2 pm at Woodside Village II in Oak Buffs, across from the High School

Belated Anniversary wishes to Jamie and Donna Leon, who celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on May 21. May was a special month to celebrate for this family as their daughter, Michelle Leon, graduated cum laude from Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., where she majored in Religion. Among family members who traveled to Pennsylvania to attend the ceremony were Michelle's parents, Donna and Jaime, her brother, Chris, and grandparents, Bob and Pauline Phillips. Congratulations, Michelle.

We send birthday smiles to Pat Suarez, who celebrated on June18, followed by James Maseda on June 19. Pam Swan, John O'Donnell, and fire chief Dennis Alley all celebrated their day on June 20, and grandson Jeremy Alley-Tarter on June 21.

Commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the internationally known musicians' colony Innisfail, Lagoon area musicians are sharing their talents. There will be an evening of music entitled "Lagoon Lyric," on Friday, July 7, at 6 pm at the home of the Buttericks, 359 Barnes Road, Oak Bluffs, to benefit the Lagoon Pond Association. The public is invited; a suggested donation of $ 20 will be taken at the door. Performers are: Peter Boak and Philip Dietterich on piano, sopranos Pamela Butterick and Annie Palches, Kristopher Hauck, tenor, and Jan Hyer, cello. Refreshments will be served, and for more information you may call 508 693-6871.

A three-part lecture series courtesy of the Community Solar Greenhouse and the Oak Bluffs Public Library will begin on Thurs., June 29, at 6:30 pm in the meeting room of the Oak Bluffs Public Library. This series is designed to provide an introduction to Botany rather than Gardening How-To's. Door prizes (plants and herbs) will be given to lucky winners, and attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook. Please call the library for more information at 508-693-9433.

The new Oak Bluffs Public Library has children's programs for the summer. Mrs. Melrose will be doing a young adults book discussion on Thursday evenings.

Don't forget the Public Safety Day that was postponed due to rain. This event will be held on Sat., June 24, at Waban Park in Oak Bluffs from 11 am to 2 pm and will feature free refreshments, a live DJ, and lots of free giveaways.

Bruce and Valerie O'Donnell are proud of their sons' accomplishments these past few weeks. Kevin returned from his eighth grade trip to Philadelphia and graduated from the Oak Bluffs School on June 15. Son John Graduated from MVRHS on Sunday, June 11, and turned 18 on June 20. John has become a permanent member of the Oak Bluffs Fire Dept. Rescue I, having completed his probationary period.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me.