Time for the "re-" words

By Arlan Wise - June 29, 2006

Mercury is retrograde for most of July (4-28). He is telling you to take a vacation. Remember that the verbs most appropriate for Mercury retrograde activities begin with "re-." This July, you want to relax, and have recreation, and spend the time to recreate yourself. You can review and revise your plans. Revisit places you love. You will receive insights while you reflect on and reconsider various aspects of your life. Read and research for new projects. Renew your memberships and magazines.

Quite often the things that should have been taken care of during one Mercury retrograde time will resurface and demand to be dealt with during the next one. Mercury starts his retrogradation in Leo, sign of love and creativity. He then moves back into Cancer putting the main focus of this retrograde period on home and family issues. Your sense of security, both physical and emotional, will need to be reexamined.

Jupiter ends his retrograde period on July 6, giving you a green light to begin a new venture. Hold on to the energy that drives the motivation and try to apply finishing touches to the plans. A project or business enterprise that you put aside at the beginning of March can be brought back to life, often in a bigger, better way. Jupiter will release positive energy and help you to free up blocked emotions.

Thursday, June 29 Moon in Leo, VC 2:24 pm. Take the afternoon off to play with the kids. Have some early summer fun. Show off your creativity. Acquire some new toys for the season. Buy some theater and concert tickets. Keep a playful attitude. Take your lover to a secret place tonight.

Friday, June 30 Moon in Virgo. Today is one of those special, luck is with you, make a wish and it will come true, days. Your intuition is working well and you need to listen to your feelings. It will be a highly emotional and sentimental day, great for family gatherings and remembrances. Do a lot of paperwork that you won't want to do while Mercury is retrograde.

Saturday, July 1 Moon in Virgo. Your luck still holds true today. Pay attention to last night's dreams. You may find it useful to spend some time in the office to clear things up before Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday. You can get a lot of work done today. Clean and prepare the equipment you will use for summer fun.

Sunday, July 2 Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 1:06 pm. Sleep late and have a lazy morning. If you need to be busy, recycle, clean, and weed the garden. Have a late brunch with dear friends. You'll want to socialize, not work in the afternoon. Do your online shopping, don't wait any longer.

Monday, July 3 Moon in Libra. This is a good day for a holiday. You'll want to interact with friends and also spend some time alone with your partner. Plant flowers, you can never have too many. Have that talk about your relationship today while communication channels are still clear. Bring some new options to any discussions.

Tuesday, July 4 Moon in Libra, VC 3:17 pm. Mercury turns into retrograde motion at 3:34 pm, while the moon is void, which adds to the ensuing confusions. Do it all in the morning, relax and party in the afternoon and evening. Don't take anything too seriously. Avoid no-win political discussions.

Wednesday, July 5 Moon in Scorpio. Things will be confused today. You are adjusting to Mercury's change in energy while Mars loses his steam in an encounter with Neptune. Your oomph is gone; lay back and take it easy. Avoid the tendency to take it all personally. Take the high road whenever forced to make a choice.

Thursday, July 6 Moon in Scorpio, VC 3:54 pm. Jupiter turns direct early this morning. You'll be able to free yourself from certain emotional situations. Today offers an opportunity to add some excitement to your life. It is a day to express your uniqueness. You can restart a relationship or an art project.

Friday, July 7 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 10:14 am. Stay on the wild ride into new adventures. Take off for a weekend of summer fun. It's been hard to get much done this week and today is not the day to catch up. Your thinking centers around play, not on work.

Saturday, July 8 Moon in Sagittarius. Stay outdoors as much as you can and enjoy summer sports. Try one you've never done, ride a hose, rollerblade, fly in a bi-plane. You'll have fun engaging in some competition. Take off on a camping adventure, or sleep out in your backyard. Stay out of the garden.

Sunday, July 9 Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 3:25 pm. Continue on with your adventuresome weekend. Keep having fun. Get serious later on in the afternoon and set up a schedule for the workweek tonight. It's a lovely evening for romance. You will have pleasant dreams, do try to remember them.

Monday, July 10 Moon in Capricorn. Mercury backs into Cancer bringing the focus onto home and family issues. The conflict of family vs. career will raise its head. Your thinking is subjective now and you speak with greater sensitivity. Work slowly and carefully and double-check all orders. Take a walk under tonight's full moon.

Tuesday, July 11 Moon in Capricorn, VC from 4:58 pm until 5:46 pm when it enters Aquarius. You can approach work as a challenge to see if you can keep from making errors. You will have the patience to go step by step. Make an assessment of your business and see where you can be more efficient. It's a good night for discussions.

Wednesday, July 12 Moon in Aquarius. Your thinking will be clear and realistic but your means of expression may become garbled. Try not to let emotions override your objectivity and hold off on big decisions. Talking about problems brings healing today. Let your mind find solutions by stepping back and seeing the big picture.

Thursday, July 13 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 10:23 am until 6:59 pm when it enters Pisces. There hasn't been so much void moon energy for a while. Do the minimum while your mind fills up with new and exciting ideas. Clean up, catch up, explore on the Internet for most of the day. Take time for daydreaming.