By Gail Craig - June 29, 2006

As I write this, I have just returned home from Amelia's dance recital at the Performing Arts Center. There were actually two wonderful performances by the students of Danceworks, under the direction of Mia Alicea. I was very impressed at the professionalism of the event and of the obvious talent on the stage. The wee ones were incredibly cute in their costumes, tap dancing to The Entertainer. In fact, they were all so cute, no one even noticed whether or not they could dance - nor did we care. Some of the other Edgartown kids sharing the stage with Amelia were Ellie Dolby, Molly and Paige Pogue, Emma Searle, Sara Taylor. Some of the other performers I recognized included Caroline Moffett, Elizabeth Williamson, Julia Crocker, Melanie Lay, Hayley Pierce, and Kelly McCarron. All of the kids clearly worked hard over the last year and it paid off for them with an exceptional show. Mia Alicea has done a great job with the kids and she will be missed as she heads off to her new life on the mainland. This has been a wonderful experience for Amelia. She has enjoyed herself immensely and this has fed her love (bordering on obsession) with dance and for that, I thank Mia from the bottom of my heart.

The baby cardinals are fledging as we speak! They are hopping around the rose bush, flying for short jaunts, and hanging out in the garden with their mom and dad. I must say, Ma and Pa are as devoted a set of parents as I've ever seen. It is fascinating to read about the process and then watch it unfold in our yard. It's very exciting.

Needless to say, the cats are locked away securely in the basement with food, water, and a litter box for a couple of days to ensure the safety of "our" babies and we have notes on all the doors that all animals are incarcerated until the babies have left. I must say, I am completely shocked at how miraculous and exciting this all is for me. I knew I was a sap, but I didn't know that I was this big a sap!!!

Can you believe that we are heading into the Fourth of July holiday already? Where does the time go? As I get older, time seems to just go by faster and faster. I used to think that the Fourth of July marked the middle of summer, as I used to start tanning and beaching it in May. Now, my old lady bones don't like to get cold so I don't rush to the beach too early in the season. In fact, I think I've only been once so far. Yet, here it is, July. I'd better get on the ball and swing into summer mode quick, before it's over.

Happy 45th birthday to my brother, Bobby, who celebrated on June 25. Bobby (or Bob as he is known to the rest of the world) and his kids, Abby and Gwen, will hopefully be visiting at the end of July. Perhaps I'll have to have a party for him while they're here. Then again, maybe not. It all depends on how nice I'm feeling at the time. We'll see.

The Edgartown Library has set up a temporary children's room in the front reference room upstairs while the downstairs continues to undergo mold clean up. With a little ingenuity and flexibility, the staff of the library will continue with a limited program for the kids over the summer.

Remember that if you are an Edgartown resident, for a small fee you can sign up to take part in the Edgartown Parks Department programs, including tennis, arts and crafts, and perhaps most importantly, swimming lessons at the Bend in the Road. You can sign up down at Nunes Field. It is, perhaps, the best bargain on the Island!

The Rev. Nancy Collins sent along a reminder that the Methodist churches are on their summer schedules. Services at Edgartown United Methodist Church are on Sundays at 9 am.

On July 12, we will be taking in a Fresh Air Fund child for a week. A child from New York will spend the week with us (poor soul!), enjoying the beach, Flying Horses, and any other island delights that we partake in during the week. We are one of seven Island families involved in the program this year, and though I will admit to a certain level of anxiety, I think it is a wonderful opportunity for a child to travel away from the city for a week to the beauty of our Island, and a great opportunity to teach our own kids about diversity and the world at large. Hopefully, we'll also build a relationship that will last for a lifetime.

Hey, that's it! Not much news this week so be sure to get me your news for my next column. Have a great week.