By Jacqueline Sexton - July 6, 2006

The library invites everyone to a children's book fair next Sunday, July 16, from 12 noon to 3 pm at the library. Jules Feiffer and his daughter, Kate Feiffer, will be featured authors. Coco the clown will perform, and there will be sing-alongs and refreshments. The fair is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. (Please note the re-scheduled date.)

Last Sunday's 50th birthday party at the community center was a smashing success. The film was great, John Maloney's poetry reading was wonderful, and so was the food. Everyone had a marvelous time.

With all the changes taking place on the Island, it's always reassuring to note things that don't change. To wit, Ted Meinelt's cover of this summer's community center program book, a cool watercolor of the 50-year-old center, done with affection. Mr. Meinelt has been doing program book covers for many years.

John Wightman's photographs are another example of artwork done with feeling for the landscape. New giclee prints on watercolor paper will go on display, starting tomorrow, Friday, July 7, at the Bank of Martha's Vineyard. A reception from 5 to 7 pm at the bank is open to the public.

Bob Nathan, author of "The Versatile Leader," will discuss effective leadership at the library next Wednesday, July 12 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. The talk programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

The women's walking group meets at the airport parking lot at 9 am next Thursday, July 13. All women walking enthusiasts are welcome. For more information, call Judy Maynes at 645-3460 or Julie Coleman at 645-2261.

"Vineyard Quintet," a new Westmeadow Press release featuring the work of five Island poets, contains the work of Kay Goldstein and Gerry Storrow, both of whom will be featured guests at the July 24 Outerland

JazzPoetry night. The chapbook is available at Alley's Store and at bookstores.

The annual Joel Noe barn dance and barbecue takes place tomorrow, July 7 at the community center.

The next double bill from the Martha's Vineyard Independent Film Festival will be aired next Wednesday, July 12, at the community center. The film, "The Simon Jackson Story," is for children, ages nine and up, begins at 5 pm. It is a true story about a British Colombian teenager who took on a lumber conglomerate in order to save the rare white bear.

The adult film, "Fisher Poets," by David Densmore, begins at 8 pm and is, as the title suggests, about poetry by fishermen. Mr. Densmore will come from Alaska to read his poems after the film.

We have a postscript of school news. The fourth and fifth grade newspaper, The Chilmark Times, is out and is, as usual, an impressive survey of school happenings. We all know that the school is in the forefront of energy-saving education, and the lead story by Ella Mahoney and Bradley Carroll tells us the details in a straight-forward report. The kindergarteners and first graders studied the sun, the stars and magnets with their north and south poles, while the second and third graders studied renewable energy and biomass, making compost and a worm farm, recycling cell phones, ink cartridges, and pencil sharpener shavings. They also made windmills. The 4/5 class went on to study photovoltaic cells and potential and kinetic energy. They made solar cars.

The paper's inside pages are filled with the word-of-the-month columns, by Lindsay Tocik and by Alistair Morgan; entertainment, mostly word games; an essay by Oscar Hansen on the development of aircraft, and profiles of some of the members of this year's graduating class by Alistair Morgan, Chantal Booker, Mikaya Tinus, and Thorpe Karabees.