Two more weeks of reflection...

By Arlan Wise - July 13, 2006

We are in the midst of a retrograde Mercury period. You will have noticed by the amount of missed phone calls, lost e-mails, and times you have to reset the digital clocks due to mini-blackouts. There are two more weeks to go until Mercury turns direct. You can think of retrograde Mercury as an optical illusion, you see the reverse of what you usually see. It is a time to stop and think. It is a reflective time when everything in your life is subject to redefinition. You have to give up planning and control and be open to the unknown.

When you encounter problems that are old and still need to be solved, this is the time to deal with it. When you admit you don't know the answer, an answer comes to you. It is a good time to seek for answers and solutions, to go to counseling, to seek advice of all kinds. Be flexible and consider what you hear even if you don't accept it.

Because Mercury is in the sign of Cancer the issues will focus is on home and family, mother and mothering, security and insecurity. Where Cancer falls in your chart shows where your personal work lies.

Mercury turns directs on July 28.

Thursday, July 13 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 10:23 am until 6:59 pm when it enters Pisces. There hasn't been this much void moon energy for a while. Do the minimum while your mind fills up with new and exciting ideas. Clean up, catch up, explore on the Internet for most of the day. Re-think your problems from a different perspective. Take time for daydreaming.

Friday, July 14 Moon in Pisces. Venus and Mars both contact Pluto giving you excellent energy for action. You can complete a big project and/or sell it and yourself in a big way. It's a good time to examine your relationship; you can reveal some of the undercurrents with the right questions. A good planting day.

Saturday, July 15 Moon in Pisces, VC from 3:56 pm until 8:39 pm when it enters Aries. Let today be the day of this weekend you devote to the garden. It's a fertile moon. It's a day to sit in the backyard and daydream. Sit by the water and get lost in the rhythms of it as it moves. Take a yoga class. Meditate.

Sunday, July 16 Moon in Aries. You'll feel restless and need to go out and find some action. Challenge yourself in your sport to try to best your personal best. Be a different person today to see what it feels like when you forget your routines. Show someone a side of your personality you usually hide.

Monday, July 17 Moon in Aries, VC 9:33 pm until 11:44 pm when it enters Taurus. Be careful that your impatience and desire to act on impulse doesn't create big retrograde Mercury type mistakes. Have someone else check your work for errors and you do so for them. Watch your temper. Get outdoors and be active.

Tuesday, July 18 Moon in Taurus. Today is the midway point of this Mercury retrograde cycle. It is the day when your unconscious sends insights and solutions. Your thinking is shifting and your mind is clearer. Venus enters Cancer to give help and ease to your family situations. You'll have more fun cooking and staying home now.

Wednesday, July 19 Moon in Taurus. It's an earthy, fertile day when the energy will have you moving at a snail's pace. Take a break and appreciate the beauty outdoors. It's a great garden day. Pamper your body. Get or give a massage. Use aromatherapy. Go out for a gourmet dinner.

Thursday, July 20 Moon in Gemini. It's always tricky on Mercury ruled days like today when your mind is moving fast and there are so many things to say and so many ways to say them. You'll speak before thinking so stay away from important discussions. Double-check all communications, re-read your e-mails, re-calculate your bills. It's a great day to just hang out with friends if you can.

Friday, July 21 Moon in Gemini. The energy is like yesterday and you have to keep double-checking everything you send out. It will be easy to read over your mistakes and not see them. It's a people day; you'll do a lot of exchanging of ideas and gossip. Today is the last full day of Cancer. Think back on how your summer has been and on where you want it to go.

Saturday, July 22 Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 11:28 am. The sun enters Leo at 7:18 pm. Mars leaves Leo, where he has been strong, and enters Virgo, where he slows down and focuses on what needs to be corrected. It's an unstable day with many energy shifts, best spent at home and in the garden.

Sunday, July 23 Moon in Cancer. It's a lovely summer day to spend at home or outdoors with the ones you love. Have a potluck picnic party. Cook your favorite summer foods. Put in a second planting. Call Mom and see how the family is doing.

Try to get tomorrow's important work done today.

Monday, July 24 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 8:24 pm. There hasn't been a full VC moon day in weeks. See it as a recess from the universe. Nothing you do today will turn out the way you want it to, so don't do it if you care about the outcome. Tonight is the dark of the moon, which makes it great for stargazing.

Tuesday, July 25 Moon in Leo. The summer fun season starts today. There will be limits and obstacles to the fun, but enjoy what you can. You can be creative having the discipline to do it well. You can face and conquer the demons of your creative blocks and your fear of love. Examine your issues about unconditional love and trust.

Wednesday, July 26 Moon in Leo, VC 8:32 pm. Venus and Jupiter dance together to make this a lovely, blessed day. You can find happiness and contentment. Do something nice for someone else. Give a generous donation to a charity that helps children. Be bold in expressing your love. Smile at everyone you see.

Thursday, July 27 Moon in Virgo. Mercury is motionless as he prepares to turn direct tomorrow night. Hold your breath and wait before you act. Make your lists of what you will do on Monday, such as the things you need to order, calls to return, travel reservations, health-related appointments. Life will get easier next week.