By Gail Craig - July 20, 2006

Well, I thought last week's column might bore you all to the point that you would send me more news, but it didn't happen. The only people to actually complain to me about the business-like tone of the column were my sister, my brother, and a friend of his in Ohio. Perhaps locals liked getting an update on the library after all and now count themselves among the well informed!

Susan Sellers shares the news that her artwork is now on display at the Dukes County Bank in Vineyard Haven. She said she had 25 paintings there and she is very excited about it. With the number of people that use the bank every day, it certainly is excellent exposure, at least as good as an art show, if not better. I know I am always admiring the artwork in the various banks. So, next time you're in the Vineyard Haven branch, take a look at Susan's work.

Alan Gowell called tonight and asked me to share with the public that there is a Special Town Meeting on July 27 at 7:30 pm in the Edgartown School Cafeteria to vote on whether or not the town should acquire the Mary Willy property on Robinson Road for future cemetery expansion. The property in question is completely surrounded by town property, with the Old West Side Cemetery on one side, the New West Side Cemetery on the other side, and the police station and fire station on the third side. Further down the road is the Edgartown School. This acquisition is supported by the finance committee, the selectmen, and the cemetery committee. Financing is all arranged and ultimately the cost will be repaid to the Town when the plots are sold.

The current estimate is that Edgartown will run out of cemetery space in approximately 10 years. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire a logical piece of property that already abuts the current cemetery, but it has to pass at the Special Town Meeting and in order for it to be voted on, there has to be a quorum! Quorum for the town is 149 registered voters. Don't assume someone else is going to show up. If 149 people show up at 7:30 pm Thursday, July 27, this article can be handled quickly. Please, if you are a registered voter in Edgartown, mark your calendar now and get to this meeting. I know it is a busy time of year but this is important. If you are still planning on being with us after 2016, and want to have a place to rest in peace when your time comes, get to the meeting next Thursday. Waiting to reach a quorum at the Special Town Meetings usually takes longer than voting on the actual articles, so assume that your presence will make the difference. In all likelihood it will.

I've learned new and interesting things this week. For example, I've learned that four-year-old bellies cannot hold 10 popsicles. Don't ask me how I know this but take my word for it. I also learned that renting a Rug Doctor down at Stop & Shop isn't that expensive. I also learned that it can clean those same 10 popsicles out of an off-white rug. Finally, I learned that if you're going to rent a Rug Doctor, you will wind up doing all the rugs in your house. Oh, and you will be completely repulsed by the process and will likely rent said Rug Doctor more frequently in the future. Trust me on this.

Happy birthday to Gavin Fynbo, who turned nine on July 18 and to Shirley Craig, who celebrated on July 13. And of course, to my Riley, who will turn six tomorrow! Wow. Time flies.

We ended up not getting our Fresh Air Fund child this week, which was somewhat disappointing. For whatever reason, they were unable to find a match for us, so we will have to wait to partake in that adventure another year. I hope the families that did take part in the program had a great week and I hope to hear some of the stories!

Have you heard about the new Martha's Vineyard License Plate that the Martha's Vineyard Donors Collaborative is trying to bring to the Island? Everything is in place and you can sign up now for a plate. They need to have 3,000 people register up front before the plate can actually be produced. You can find out more and download the form at www.mvdonors.org or call 508-696-4647. Proceeds from this program, once it is fully in place, will return to the Island's nonprofit organizations and municipalities at the discretion of the Permanent Endowment Fund for Martha's Vineyard, who will manage the fund.

That's it. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news. And don't forget Town Meeting Thursday, July 27, at 7:30 pm.