Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - July 20, 2006

Every Spring I enthusiastically work in my flower beds, putting in more bedding plants and imagining how great they will look all summer. Then the rains come and everything, including weeds, grows with a vengeance. The beds have been overtaken by strange new plants kindly planted by the birds and those sneaky poison ivy vines have crept out of the forest to entangle themselves in the midst of it all. Now with this hot, humid weather, when I only venture outside when necessary, I view with dismay this monster I created, wondering how I can possibly pull all the weeds so that I can see those blooms once again. For a fleeting moment, I tried to calculate if I could accomplish that goal by only having to work on one foot of garden space a day. But alas, that would have meant I would still be weeding in the snows of January. Guess I had better work on another plan.

We send birthday smiles to Laney at Tony's Deli who celebrated on July 17, Paul Robinson on July 26, and Joanne deBettencourt on July 26.

Friday Conversations at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center continue with Art Flathers discussing immigration (part II) on Friday, July 21. Bob Hayden, President of the MV Chapter, Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, will be the speaker on Friday, August 4. And don't miss Elaine Weintraub's presentation on Mon., July 21, on the "Open Door Club."

Jocelyn Broadley and her son Garrett had a wonderful visit last week to see her sister Marilyn Fuller and her family in Fredericksburg, Va. They enjoyed visiting with Marilyn's children Grace and Hope and Samuel, who was born on June 28. Marilyn and Jocelyn's parents, Elaine and Michael Ciancio were also there visiting, so they almost had a family reunion, but unfortunately Jocelyn's husband Shawn was unable to go. Another event for the family to enjoy was the celebration of Hope's fourth birthday.

Speaking of birthdays - guess who is celebrating the big "50" on July 24 and has Happy Birthday wishes coming from his family? That would be Keith Moreis.

The summer film series at the Tabernacle in the Campground, sponsored by the Martha's Vineyard Film Society, continues with the film "The Endless Summer" on July 25. And Wednesday night outdoors at Featherstone on July 26, "20 Million Miles To Earth " will be screened.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Burnett and their son Miles have been visiting the last two weeks with Jeremy's mother Marie Burnett on Lagoon Road.

Patricia Costa and her sister Ginny Hall spent the day off- Island last week, arriving in Hyannis on the Hy-Line, a most pleasing trip as the weather was perfect. They were met by their cousin Sandra Correllus of South Yarmouth where the three cousins had a wonderful visit and then had lunch at the Hyannis Yacht Club before sailing back to Oak Bluffs.

Vineyard Avenue has lost another loved one with the death of Sister M. Viola Kadziola on July 8. Although she was not a resident of Oak Bluffs, she was a familiar figure on her frequent visits to her sister the late Stella BenDavid. I met her more than 50 years ago and was immediately taken by her kindness and humor. Sister was 91 and in her 72nd year of religious life when she died. Her ministry was in education as a teacher. She is survived on-Island by her nephews, Ed, Jules, and Gus BenDavid and their families. Our condolences to you all.

Looking for a wonderful book for your children this summer? I have just read "Lobstering With My Papa," a wonderfully entertaining true story of a young grandson's summer experience working with his grandfather, subtly interwoven with the advice of experience. This delightful book is written by Menemsha resident Billie Hancock who relates this tale of the relationship between her late husband and her grandson in a loving style. Island resident Joan Walsh is the illustrator and as always is so accurate with her drawings that you would recognize her subjects even without any captions. A story CD is included in the back of the book. Storyteller Susan Klein of Oak Bluffs reads the story in the amazing, enchanting way that has made her one of the most beloved storytellers. There will be a book signing at the Bunch of Grapes at 7:30 pm on Mon., July 31, where you will be able to meet the three people responsible for this book.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me.