By Kay Mayhew - July 20, 2006

Congratulations to Bob Breth. Fielding Moore, Edgartown National Bank CEO, and Janette Andrews, manager of the Vineyard Haven branch announced that Bob was the winner of a May promotion at the bank. Owner of Martha's Bike Rentals in Vineyard Haven, Bob received a $500 gift certificate to Donaroma's Nursery & Landscape Services.

Some people in town are concerned about potential bird flu dangers. Our not-really-wild turkeys should be a concern even without the bird flu. Their messes cover yards and patios and cannot be healthy for children (or anyone else). When ducks or geese make messes like that, there is a public outcry. Who do we ask to have something done about the herds of turkeys prowling our town? They will soon take over your yard if they haven't already.

Have you noticed that cell phones are everywhere? The cop on the corner is talking on a cell phone while his radio squawks. Cell phone users on the SSA seem to feel the need to have very loud conversations. On Main Street one young man asked his girlfriend why she was talking on the cell phone when he had brought her to the Island for some time together. She claimed that her sister needed to talk with her. Later the girl was seen still on the phone - but now alone.

Another nicely dressed couple were strolling along, hand in hand, and each had the other hand holding a cell phone up to an ear. Young men stride along yelling at their phones - perhaps there is an issue of volume control. Young women drivers seem to have more need to chat on the telephone than to signal or stop at stop signs. A burly driver in a huge truck was weaving along the Edgartown Road. I think he found it difficult to shift gears while one hand held the cell phone. Anywhere a phone rings, several hands check pockets to see who is being called.

This is the time of year that there are more things to do than any one person could possibly enjoy. We all know that our calendar listing has all of them. Today Phyllis Meras will be at the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore talking about her new book "Country Editor: Henry Beetle Hough" at 7:30 pm. Another Island history author, Arthur Railton, is the guest of honor at the Evening of Discovery held by the Martha's Vineyard Museum tonight.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Sydney Pigott. Judy Davey and Ed Colligan will celebrate their birthdays on Saturday. Ed's grandson Thomas E. Colligan will party on Tuesday. Wish a happy one on Wednesday to Michael Bulkin and Pam Cassel.

Heard on Main Street: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire."