Green light...

By Arlan Wise - July 27, 2006

Mercury turns into direct motion on Friday night and gives you a green light to go. You can start all those projects, have those important conversations, place orders, buy a new car, a new computer, a new house, and can hire or fire employees. The focus will remain on home and family, safety and security until Mercury reenters Leo in two weeks.

Mars is now in Mercury's sign of Virgo. This squelches summer fun by his insistence on work before play. Venus is in Cancer, keeping your interests close to home. It's a take-care-of-business summer, not a wild carefree one.

Saturn is approaching an opposition to Neptune. They will stand and face each other as they do every 30 years. You'll find as the summer goes on that all you've hoped for, dreamed of, and had strong illusions about, will be shattered by Saturn's cold gaze. It will bring big disappointment for some, relief to others. You'll see the truth of your situation by the end of the summer. Enjoy the time you have for playing when it comes.

Thursday, July 27 Moon in Virgo. Mercury is motionless as he prepares to turn direct tomorrow night. Hold your breath and wait before you act. Make your lists of what you will do on Monday, such as the things you need to order, calls to return, travel reservations, health-related appointments. Life will get easier next week.

Friday, July 28 Moon in Virgo. Mercury turns direct at 8:40 pm. Resist the urge to get things going during the day and your patience will be rewarded. It's a very good day to clean up, recycle, file, and re-organize your paperwork. Revise your lists. Fix what needs fixing. Research a new diet and exercise plan to correct health problems.

Saturday, July 29 Moon in Virgo, VC from 9:05 am until 8:27 pm when it enters Libra. Today is not the day to start your new projects if you care about the outcome. The VC moon has the energy to modify your plan. Continue with your cleaning and discarding. Have a party tonight or go out with a group of friends.

Sunday, July 30 Moon in Libra. It's a summer fun day. Enjoy yourself with friends and all sorts of social events. Go to the gallery openings, listen to live music, attend a fundraiser. Take advantage of the summer's energy. There is a serious note as the sun stands opposite Chiron to shine light on your wounds. Their connection asks you to examine your connections to your community.

Monday, July 31 Moon in Libra, VC 9:45 pm. You have been waiting for this Monday for weeks. It's finally a green light for your new projects and passions. Begin work on your artistic and decorating ventures. Start mediations and legal negotiations. Have a relaxing evening with your partner.

Tuesday, August 1 Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 9:08 am. You'll be more focused today and less likely to be waylaid by the requests of others. It's a fertile moon on all levels, plant seeds in the garden, plant seeds in other people's minds. You'll feel a tug between fulfilling social obligations and wanting to be alone.

Wednesday, August 2 Moon in Scorpio. There's a nice flow to the day. Listen to your gut feelings and do what you need to do. Spend a good part of the day by water, in it, on it, listening to it. Think big as you look at your future. Test your intuition by buying a lottery ticket. Spend time alone and catch up in your journal.

Thursday, August 3 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 7:13 pm. A full VC day in summer is a call to take the day off and go to the beach. It's the reason you save your personal days. If you must work, try not to be too grumpy. Don't get upset when things mess up and be sure not to do anything of importance.

Friday, August 4 Moon in Sagittarius. The energy lightens and it's time for fast-moving fun. Play as much as you can today. Take off on a trip. Contact your friends in far-away places. Stay outdoors and enjoy playing your favorite sport. It's easy to be optimistic and forget about your problems and your schedules for a day; they'll catch up with you soon enough.

Saturday, August 5 Moon in Sagittarius, VC 3:22 pm. Make having fun be the first priority today. It's too easy to let summer go by without enjoying the delights of the season. Make your phone calls in the morning; roam around in the afternoon. Find a new place to go and explore. Eat at an ethnic restaurant you haven't tried.

Sunday, August 6 Moon in Capricorn. The realities of life remind you that playtime is precious. You have to be responsible today and attend to the things you must do. You will start to see where you have been following an illusion. It's a good day to shop for antiques and to buy real estate. You need to get back on your schedule.

Monday, August 7 Moon in Capricorn, VC 9:44 pm. The sun and Saturn have their annual meeting while the moon is in Saturn's sign. This is a serious day, a day of reckoning for some. You may have to set new work and career goals. You'll see the bottom line on a lot of issues in your life concerning love and generosity, creativity, and children.

Tuesday, August 8 Moon in Aquarius. You'll still see the hard cold reality of life but you will be able to think about it in a more detached manner. You'll have lots of energy to do the fixing and correcting you need to do today. You can be very productive. Examine your involvement with the community. Do you do enough of it?

Wednesday, August 9 Moon in Aquarius, VC 6:58 pm. This full moon is potent because it connects with and foreshadows the upcoming Saturn-Neptune opposition. Thought is a strong force and can be used to foster illusions or create a new reality. Group meditation will be very powerful. Get involved with a group today.

Thursday, August 10 Moon in Pisces. Let your intuition lead the way. Listen to your inner voice. Take the day to reflect on your life and what feels good and what doesn't. Chill out by the water. Meditate. Realize that you can't solve all your problems in one day. Listen to your dreams, both the sleeping and waking kind.