By Gail Craig - July 27, 2006

Apparently, I need to take some of my own advice to heart. The craziness and heat of summer finally got to me the other night, and I had my first official snap of the summer. I was at the grocery store at 9 pm. It had taken me forever to get there and I had a huge basket full of groceries. I got in line at a register, with one family in front of me. I realized that I had forgotten coffee so I ran to grab a bag, something I've done a hundred times. When I returned, another woman with her daughters had moved my carriage, bypassing me in line, and loaded their things onto the counter. I tried so very hard to bite my tongue and ignore it. I really did. But I couldn't help myself. The words bubbled out like hot lava from a volcano. I told the woman that I was going to thank her for holding my place in line until I realized she had taken it. She said she had no idea what I was talking about. I pointed out that she had to actually move my cart to get where she was in line. She pled innocent, claiming it must have been someone else and that she would never do such a thing. I was surprised that she thought I wouldn't notice that she and her daughters looked significantly different from the man, woman, and boy who had been in front of me and remarkably, were now in front of her in line. She continued to say that she would never do such a thing. I continued to not believe her. I could be wrong. It could have been one of those mysterious marauders who go around moving grocery carriages so other people can move ahead in line, but somehow, I doubt it. I really did try to stay silent. Really, I did. But sometimes my big mouth opens before I can stop it. As I said to my sister last night, sometimes counting to 10 just gives you longer to come up with better sarcasm. And I have to fess up that sometimes it feels good. It wasn't going to change anything, but sometimes you just have to vent.

Cindy Krauss wants to send big birthday balloons to daughter, Haley, on the occasion of her 13th birthday on July 27. Cindy was recalling being alone in Boston in July 1993 due to complications, missing her older daughter, Melanie, who was back here with dad, Richard. Haley spent several days in the NICU, making an already difficult time even more stressful. But, to look at her now, you'd never know that her arrival was anything but perfect. She's an excellent student, a green belt in karate, and plays the electric base in church. Cindy says that they now live life to the fullest every July, to make up for the difficult July of 1993.

Happy birthday wishes also go out to Lila Sullivan, who turned nine on July 25. And thank you to Lila's mom, Amy, for giving me a good laugh for the week, simply with her email address. It cracked me up and raises the old question, do you schmoopie? If you do, you'll understand the question. If you don't, you're probably thinking I'm insane.

I received word awhile back that Edgartown harbormaster Charlie Blair recently gave an interesting presentation to the Chappaquiddick homeowners' association about Katama Bay and the improvement of the water quality in the last couple of years. This improvement can apparently be attributed, at least in part, to the cutting back on the boaters' anchoring there for the summer. Recently, the Edgartown Board of Trade asked that this area be reopened to boaters in an attempt to bring more people into town. I support the board of trade's extensive efforts to improve things around town, but I am also a strong supporter of improving water quality and protecting shellfish. To that end, I am going to take time this week to contact the harbormaster, the shellfish groups, and the board of trade to get more information about this potentially hot topic. Look back here next week for more details.

I promised my children last night that from here on out, I'd be a better mom and play with them more. Sometimes - actually usually - I get bogged down in all the work I have to do or the house and yard work that needs to be done, and I lose track of why I had kids. I know that sometimes work has to come first, but I let it happen too much. Last night we had lots of fun with balloons. I filled some water balloons for them to throw (at the slide, not each other - I'm not that crazy), and then they chased some rocket balloons around the yard. We laughed and laughed. The kids got some exercise running around like nuts. And it was so simple and easy. So, as a result, I made the promise to my kids that we would do more stuff like that from now on. Of course, I'm already losing points because I'm sitting in the dining room typing my column while Amelia watches Anastasia on TV and Riley plays with his Gameboy. Oh well, there is always this afternoon to start keeping promises, right?

Don't forget the special town meeting tonight at 7:30 pm at the Edgartown School to vote on acquiring the Willy property for the cemetery. If you are a registered voter in Edgartown, you should make every effort to be there. Your possible future resting place may depend on it.

That's it for now. Have a great week.