It's the peak of summer...

By Arlan Wise - August 10, 2006

The sun remains in the sign of Leo for two more weeks. This is the time of the year when the sun is at his strongest and he has the most influence on us. Most of the usual summer fun has been curtailed by the presence of Saturn in Leo and stymied by the large amount of planets in fixed, stubborn signs. Some may have had to revise their definition of fun while others have learned to grab the opportunities for joy when they appear. Many are just slogging through their days. It hasn't been an easy summer for most folks.

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Thursday, August 10 Moon in Pisces. Let your intuition lead the way. Listen to your inner voice. Take the day to reflect on your life and what feels good and what doesn't. Chill out by the water. Meditate. Realize that you can't solve all your problems in one day. Listen to your dreams, both the sleeping and waking kind.

Friday, August 11 Moon in Pisces. It's a right-brained day, very spacey, and you need to listen to your dreams. You will see your illusions, fantasies, creative urges, and romantic feelings as if a spotlight is shining on them. Mercury moves back into Leo to finish up his retracing of retrograde issues.

Saturday, August 12 Moon in Aries. Stay active and do all the summer sports you love to do. You'll feel like engaging in some friendly competition. Venus enters Leo to make the summer hot, hot, hot. It's time to go out and show your stuff. You're bold and ready to make a move. Make the most of your summer romance.

Sunday, August 13 Moon in Aries, VC 8:14 pm. Slow down and pay attention as you go through your day. The energy is driving you to move fast and there is a large potential for accidents and explosions. Be very careful when handling anything that is dangerous. Mars, the lord of war, is facing off with Uranus, the great awakener. It's a push-come-to-shove kind of day; avoid confrontation.

Monday, August 14 Moon in Taurus. Take time to appreciate the finer things in life now. Shop for items of beauty, you can find a bargain today. Sensual Taurus moon tells you to pay attention to the joys of the body. Get a massage, loll in the sun, smell the flowers. Go out for a great gourmet meal tonight. Chiron meets Mercury and they want to teach you the importance of listening.

Tuesday, August 15 Moon in Taurus, VC 9:51 pm. Whatever it is that gave you pleasure yesterday is worth repeating today. You'll feel there's an increase in tension in the air, so try to avoid arguments. Everyone feels stubborn today, no one can win. You can do those things that seem hard to do. Plant and transplant, it's a fertile moon.

Wednesday, August 16 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 10:07 am. The day's energy picks up by midmorning, and you'll want to be out and about. It's a day for short projects, multi-tasking, and sharing news and ideas. It's a great day to write out applications, compose a speech, and write anything that sells who you are. Meet with friends for an evening of talking.

Thursday, August 17 Moon in Gemini. You can make good connections today. Use this networking energy to help you meet the people who can help you transform your life. It's a day to be a mover and a shaker. Take action towards positive change. Upgrade your communication related equipment. Venus visits Chiron and they ask you to be kind to your partner and help heal wounds from former relationships.

Friday, August 18 Moon in Gemini, VC from 8:30 am until 5:03 pm when it enters Cancer. The moon is void during working hours: it's best to take the day off if you can. Start your weekend early. There's a lot of talk going around but don't believe everything you hear. Invite the family to come for the weekend. Give the kids a big treat.

Saturday, August 19 Moon in Cancer. Gather your loved ones around you as you enjoy this last weekend of Leo's summer fun. Everything will flow well today. Enjoy the water, swim, wade, boat, surf; you need to make sure you get in it somehow. It's a day to heal a lot of family squabbles and just take pleasure in being together.

Sunday, August 20 Moon VC Cancer. Float through the day. Putter around the house and garden. Give yourself a lazy summer Sunday. The conversations you have today with family members will be more serious than yesterday's. You can sort things out with your siblings. They'll tell you the bottom line if you ask for it.

Monday, August 21 Moon in Leo. Today and tomorrow are the last days of Leo's playful summer energy. Don't let them go by without having some fun. Make time to do your favorite summer activity. Spend time with your summer love. Have a potluck cook out. Be generous with your hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, August 22 Moon in Leo. Turn the spotlight on you and your accomplishments. Remember this feeling of confidence and self-esteem when it wears away during the year. Let people see the products of your creativity. Express your love to your children. Make time to have fun.

Wednesday, August 23 Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 2:08 pm. The sun enters Virgo at 2:23 am. You'll feel the shift in the energy as practical, flaw-finding Virgo takes center stage. The focus shifts from fun to work. Affirmations have extra power at this new moon. Think of what you want to perfect in the your health or work area of your life, and then write and speak an affirmation that describes it.

Thursday, August 24 Moon in Virgo. This is a day that separates the ants from the grasshopper. It's time to set up a schedule and concentrate on back to school, back to work. It's a good day to set out on an important journey, start a new job, or incorporate a business. Write what needs to be written.