It's time for Virgo...

By Arlan Wise - August 24, 2006

Virgo is the third summer sign. It is the month to wrap up the summer's fun and summer's work. That is why it is associated with harvest time. It is also the time when we return to school and resume a different work schedule after vacation. Labor Day is Virgo's holiday.

Virgo is a time when she helps you to use her skills of analysis and discernment to examine the details of your life and pinpoint what needs to be corrected. You will be able to see and address the problems in your health, your living quarters and workspaces, the way you manage time, and how you go about helping others.

Saturn comes up to oppose Neptune on August 31. This has not happened in 30 years. These two planets symbolize opposite qualities. Saturn shows you reality; Neptune gives you dreams. Expect some disillusionment as Saturn slowly but steadily tears down your castles in the air and demands to see what you've built here on earth.

Students of astrology and interested others will want to take advantage of the workshop that Robert Corre will hold on Sept. 23 in Chilmark. Robert is a Virgo and teaches in an orderly, methodical way that will give you many insights on how to read a chart. E-mail or call 508-645-9292 for details.

Thursday, August 24 Moon in Virgo. This is a day that separates the ants from the grasshoppers. It's time to set up a schedule and concentrate on back to school, back to work. It's a good day to set out on an important journey, start a new job, or incorporate a business. Write what needs to be written. Fix what needs to be fixed.

Friday, August 25 Moon in Virgo, VC 3 pm. Devote yourself to your work. Is it what you want to be doing? Make any corrections that can be done today. Design a career plan for the future. Make doctor, dentist, eye doctor, vet appointments. Organize what needs to be organized. Weed the garden.

Saturday, August 26 Moon in Libra. Summer romances end today. You need to take a serious look at your love interest and you'll know if you want to make a commitment or not. If not, it's over. You'll see the bottom line today for both love and money. Accept the reality you see.

Sunday, August 27 Moon in Libra. Mercury enters Virgo to make communication direct and fluent. He makes it easier to think in a linear way. A backwash of fantasy will try to undermine the decision you made yesterday concerning your relationship. Don't follow the sirens' song of perhaps, maybe, and how you would like it to be.

Monday, August 28 Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 3:56 pm. Take it easy for most of the day. Add a social element to your daily routine. Buy flowers for your office. Have a long lunch with friends. Life feels serious this evening. Use the energy to examine an aspect of your self that you would like to change.

Tuesday, August 29 Moon in Scorpio. Be very careful today. Mars, the Lord of War, and Pluto, the lord of Hades, the underworld, square off. This is explosive energy as reason and passion collide. Don't get caught in some undercurrent of someone else's drama. Watch your words and don't ask for trouble, but don't be afraid either.

Wednesday, August 30 Moon in Scorpio, VC 4:41 pm. The tension remains. Use the energy to focus on a difficult project. Work alone as people may annoy you today. Accept any delays without frustration. It's a fertile moon for planting. Work out your stress in the garden. Try to be positive.

Thursday, August 31 Moon in Sagittarius. Today is the long-awaited opposition of Neptune and Saturn. You may not perceive it, as the lightness of the Sagittarius moon will feel so buoyant compared to the energy of the last few days. You will notice that some of your illusions have vanished. Get outside and walk, run, ride, skate, and breathe deeply.

Friday, September 1 Moon in Sagittarius. Enter the new month with enthusiasm. You need to believe that those brilliant ideas in your head can be made real. Take a class in sports, yoga, ideas, or crafts. It will feel good to learn something new. Try to add a bit of excitement to your life. Take a weekend workshop to immerse yourself in knowledge.

Saturday, September 2 Moon VC Sagittarius, enters VC Capricorn 10:34 am. Sleep late and then go outdoors for some exercise. This is a great weekend to work. You can organize anything, start a business, or build a house. This is the energy to help you put things in order and make plans for the future.

Sunday, September 3 Moon in Capricorn. You can turn ideas into form today. Remember what you learned in your dreams and apply it to the day. You will find the words for those hard conversations you've been avoiding. Set a goal for the coming month, and then make a schedule of how to reach that goal.

Monday, September 4 Moon in Capricorn, VC from 11:24 am until 2:15 am when it enters Aquarius. Pluto ends his retrograde cycle and moves into direct motion this evening. This is always a powerful day. Lay low and stay away from confrontations. Be aware of the material that rises up from your unconscious.

Tuesday, September 5 Moon in Aquarius. The sun and Uranus stand opposite each other. This is a second day of potentially explosive energy. Be cautious whatever you do and wherever you go. You can make great breakthroughs in your computer literacy, your problem solving capacity, and your ability to receive insights.

Wednesday, September 6 Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 2:56 pm. Venus enters Virgo, her least favorite sign. She feels restricted and tends to criticize and point out flaws in the system. She does help you fix your relationship. This is a lucky day so play the lottery, make a wish, and/or say your affirmations.

Thursday, September 7 Moon in Pisces. Today is a lunar eclipse day. The energy of the day is unstable. Nothing you start will come to fruition. This is a holy eclipse in the sign of Pisces. The day is best spent in meditation, chanting, yoga, or any kind of spiritual practice. This eclipse will help you to let go of old emotional baggage.