Entrain live ... and well

By Julian Wise - August 24, 2006

"Right Away People: Entrain Live Volume 2" is a document of the band's ongoing mission to bring percussion-oriented dance music to the masses. The disc culls performances over a 2 1/2 year period and sets out to capture the excitement of their live shows. The various lineups include drummer/percussionists Tom Major and Rick Bausman, guitarists Alex Howland, Derek Chowder, Evan Anderson, and Marty Walsh, bassist Lenny Bradford, and horn players Sam Holmstock, Klem Klimek and Dann Friedman. The songwriting credits are primarily divided between Tom Major and Judd Fuller, with additional input by Mike Benjamin and other artists. "Snake Oil" features a vivid horn and organ riffs, while "Can't Let Go" offers a slinky ska rhythm. The band's full frontal percussion assault is on fine display in "Letter to the World," which features sweet-spot guitar notes weaving in among the beats. "Long Snake Moan" is the disc's longest track, clocking in at 12 minutes, 55 seconds. It serves as the disc's centerpiece and crystallizes the band's diverse elements; the rhythm guitar sketches, thundering drums, vocal harmonies, and extended instrumental breaks. The disc concludes with "I Just Want to Celebrate," a spirited musical romp that summarizes the band's philosophy that life is something to be celebrated rather than endured. Fans of Entrain will find this live disc cause for celebration, as it captures the vital spirit of the band's continuing musical evolution.

Entrain performs Friday, August 25 at Outerland. This 18+ show is $20.

Julian Wise is a frequent contributor to The Times, specializing in music, film, and the performing arts.