Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - August 24, 2006

So here we are in the final weeks of summer. It seems as if my time is spent longer waiting in traffic lines in the car than at the actual place I am attempting to reach. I find my eyes carefully watching the tail lights of cars in parking spaces, hopefully waiting for the white back-up lights to turn on so I can reach that long sought goal of a parking space within walking distance of the store. My idea of walking distance has changed from a brief walk to one that I can walk to and back to my car with my groceries on the same day. The worst thing about the traffic jams, I find, is that I can almost feel the gas running out of my tank as I wait helplessly to proceed. I just know that it also means the money will be running out of my pocket as fast as the gas gauge goes down because I am making more and more trips to the gas station as the price goes up and up.

Ah well. Life goes on!

Have you ever been stuck behind one of those big old tour buses and wondered what they actually say about the Island? On Thursday, Aug. 31, Tom Dresser will give the inside scoop on what it is like to be a tour bus driver. His presentation includes slides of highlights of the tour as well as background stories from behind the wheel. The program starts at 6:30 pm at the Oak Bluffs Library.

We sent birthday smiles to Nelson Amaral on August 26, grandson Chris Alley on August 28, and Alice Rose on August 29.

Many people enjoyed the fireworks in Ocean Park last Friday, but one of the greatest compliments came from Barbara Flanders. Barbara is the fiancé of Pete Forend, Oak Bluffs Fire Department Assistant Chief who recently returned to overseas duty after a brief R & R back home in Oak Bluffs. Barbara requested that I forward this message to the person or persons who were responsible for picking out the firework displays for that night. In Barbara's own words: "How proud and choked-up I felt to see that the Oak Bluffs fireworks display opened with an American flag with a yellow ribbon for our troops. Even as we celebrate our summer, our guys are never forgotten. Thank you. It meant so much for me and my guest since my fiancé, and also my guest's husband and father are some of the few who are serving their country overseas at this time." For all those people who wish to know, the displays are chosen by CR Pyrotechnics and the Oak Bluffs Firemen's Civic Association Fireworks Committee. They all did a great job didn't they?

Friends of the non-profit Nathan Mayhew Seminars will hold a Founders Day picnic and fundraiser this Sunday, Aug. 27, at 1 pm at their headquarters at the corner of Greenwood Ave. and North William St., Vineyard Haven. Donations to defray expenses at the rain-or-shine event are $10.

There will be antiques, attic discoveries, timeless treasures, and a unique opportunity to bid on a White Mountain getaway for up to 30 persons this fall. For more information, please call Vera Shorter at 508-693-9156.

Talk about following in your father's footsteps. Young Joshua Billings entered his first two chickens in the fair and happily won a first and a second prize. It seems like only yesterday that it was his father David, Eddie BenDavid, and Jim Powell entering their first chicks.

Enjoy your week and send your news along.