Town Columns


By Jacqueline Sexton - August 31, 2006

That hoary old saying about New England climate - If you don't like the weather, wait a minute - is playing itself out, day by day and, sometimes, in fact, minute by minute.

During the steamy, rainless heat a few weeks ago, the grass stalled , and mowers took a break. It suddenly started growing after a couple of days of rain, but was too wet to cut. Then it rained some more, and... well, you get the idea. Sunday evening we dug out winter clothes and slept under a blanket, only to awaken on Monday to more humidity and wavering sunshine, as we waited to see where the winds would take hurricane Ernesto. By the time this column comes out on Thursday, we'll know what Ernesto did or did not do, but what next? Wait a minute.

Julie and Bill Coleman and their family are too busy to spend time on musings about the weather. Bill Coleman, who has been training for mountain climbing for some time, will go to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, after which he will join Julie in Madison, Wisc., to attend a friend's wedding. They will be back on-Island in time to meet their youngest guest of the year, Zoelie Kim, who just turned one. Zoelie and her parents Erik and Kelly Kim will come in from San Francisco.

The Coleman's daughter, Chandra, and her husband Jeffrey will come from Florida for an early celebration of the couple's first anniversary and Chandra's birthday. The couple were married last year on Sept. 17 at the West Tisbury church.

Meanwhile, Julie has managed to keep to her second annual silent retreat, and reports that, yes, she led her walking women "silently." The last walk of this season is next Thursday, Sept. 7, starting at 9 am at the Gay Head moraine. In case, Julie is still silent, anyone interested in joining the walkers may call Judy Maynes for more information at 508-645-3460. Newcomers are welcome. Best wishes for recovery to John Wehncke, who has been released from the Sandwich rehab center and is at home recuperating from a stroke. We hope to see him out and about.

Schooldays are of course approaching, and Mary Ambulos, PTO chair, reports that K/1 students, siblings, parents, and two teachers had a potluck picnic on the school playing field last week so that the new first-graders could welcome the incoming kindergarteners to their first year in elementary school. The kids enjoyed pizza and watermelon while the adults feasted on various "delectable dishes."

The PTO cookbook, featuring "great recipes" and the children's artwork, is available, for $15, at Up On The Roof, or, through Mary Ambulos. Her telephone number is 508-645-8002. Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will help pay for the school's outing program.

West Tisbury photojournalist Alan Brigish will give a slide show and talk at the library meeting room next Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 5:30-6:30. His subject is "Exploring tolerance - a look at India and Bhutan." Mr. Brigish traveled through 13 locations on the Indian subcontinent last April studying the vastly diverse regions, their cultures and religions. Everyone is invited, and there is no admission charge. The talk is sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Library.

Photographer Julie Jaffe will open a show of photos of small libraries at the library this Saturday, Sept. 2. A special thank-you to Julie for going ahead with the show in spite of the rigors of recuperating from Lyme disease. The show will be up through Sept. 14.

And, finally, a thank-you to the unknown lady at Paul David's hairdressing establishment in Vineyard Haven, who, when she saw that I was waiting to be picked up, asked if she could drive me anywhere. Maybe the Island hasn't changed so much, after all.