Town Columns


By Gail Craig - September 7, 2006

Labor Day! It's sure not like it was when I was a kid, with absolutely no traffic and a deserted Main Street, but things are definitely slowing down. We actually made it to the beach today, something we haven't done in weeks. It was a little chilly but very nice nonetheless. I even got a bit of a sunburn. Nothing like killing some skin cells and risking skin cancer and early aging to make you feel healthy! It was nice to enjoy the day on a less crowded beach with Island friends that we've not seen much of since school got out. Our group consisted of Cindy Flanders and her kids Michael and Cana, Amy and Tom Sullivan and their kids Lila and Shay, Kelly Hess and her kids Warner and Owen, and Jen McHugh and her daughter Caitlin. It was nice to sit around and talk with familiar people, and the kids all played well together. Who could ask for a better way to spend the holiday?

Jamie and Riley spent Saturday night at Battleship Cove in Fall River, for a boys' weekend. They got to sleep on the battleship and explore all the various ships on display there. I'd be hard pressed to tell you which of my "boys" enjoyed it more. Since we were alone, Amelia and I got dressed up and went out to dinner together, then some fun shopping, and some ice cream. It was great fun, though we were just a tad overdressed for Linda Jean's.

Speaking of our trip to Oak Bluffs that night, I have to say that I was somewhat dismayed by the teenagers hanging out in front and inside the ice cream store. I feel so old saying this but I found them frustrating. They were blocking the sidewalk, the entry into the store, and crowding the only two tables in the business. While I was trying to walk in with Amelia, the kids made no attempts to get out of the way or clean up their language and, although I am reluctant to say this, I really think it was because they felt I was a tourist. I was dressed up, which many Islanders don't do much, and carrying a camera and I just got the vibe that I disrespected because I was a visitor.

Maybe the kids are like that to everyone and I'm reading more into than I should but I really did not like the feeling I got from those ten or fifteen kids and I swore, then and there, that my children will never be like that. They will learn respect and manners and treat everyone politely. And they will not hang out on Circuit Ave like hoodlums.

Gloria Norton called to share that, after being in a car accident in July, her husband John Warren Norton has returned home following five weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation centers off Island. Gloria was relatively unharmed in the accident, but for her nerves, but John suffered more injuries, among them some cracked ribs. But he is doing well and making a good recovery now. The irony is that the car accident happened close to the MV Hospital, where they were heading for an appointment. I guess they made it to their destination, but by a different means of transportation and for different treatments. I'm certainly glad to know they are both doing better.

Linda and John Malcouronne are delighted to have Linda's son. Sean Donovan-Smith, and his beloved partner, Creole Palmer with their children, Maia (two years old) and Taylor (two months) visiting them for two weeks. They live in London, and this is the first time that Linda and John will get to meet their new (and only) grandson. During this time, John's oldest daughter, Michelle Duarte is expected to give birth to her second daughter (and John and Linda's fourth granddaughter), giving a special meaning to "Labor Day." Older soon-to-be-big sister Mariah Duarte is nine and already a great help to her parents. Linda's older sister, Charlotte Veneziano, of Long Island, and her grandson, Raymond, 14, will also be visiting Sept. 6 through 10 to meet all the new additions to the Malcouronne family. Linda asks that you pray for clear skies and warm air, so that everyone can enjoy outdoor activities and give Linda time for a little nap!

Linda also asked that I share appreciation to the people of Edgartown. Those of us living in Edgartown are so lucky to have the wonderful and responsive folks who comprise our town government. Edgartown Meadows residents, in particular, are very grateful to the leadership of Pam Dolby and our selectmen, in securing accessibility to potable water within the Edgartown Meadows development. As a resident of the same development, I would like to add my thank you to Pam, the Selectmen, as well as Matt Poole for their efforts. Pam and Matt have both worked very hard on our behalf to help rectify the health problem in our neighborhood and their efforts are appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who offered kind comments on my article last week about Annie Bilzerian and her dog, Ozzy. And thank you also to those who have contributed to the Ozzy Recovery Fund at Dukes County Savings Bank. Annie is very appreciative of all the help and support she has received so far.

Schools are now open across the Island so be on the look-out for kids at bus stops or walking to school. And remember, kindergarteners have half days for the first couple of weeks, so keep your eyes open for them mid-day.

Have a great week. Be sure to get me your news.