Hello to autumn...

By Arlan Wise - September 21, 2006

The solar eclipse on the day before the sun enters Libra makes a heavy influence on Autumn 2006. The energy circuit was shut off and then resumed at full strength. This may set the pattern for the season, that there will be sudden stops and starts to what you are doing. The other main influence on the season is the Saturn-Neptune opposition, a right brain-left brain conflict showing a need to balance your imagination and ideals with reality. It is an opportunity to manifest your inspirations into a creative form.

There is a strong emphasis on Libra in the Fall chart indicating that relationships of all kinds will be the major focus of the season. You can take your relationship to a deeper place or realize that it is stagnant and needs to be finished. You'll be able to see below the surface to determine which are the illusions about your relationship and what is really going on. Take care of legal matters in October.

Mercury will be retrograde for part of the Fall, from Oct. 27 to Nov. 17. Use this information to make your plans and schedule your appointments.

Thursday, Sept. 21 Moon in Virgo. Today is the last day of Virgo and the next to last day of summer. There is a solar eclipse tomorrow, which makes the energy of the next few days unstable. You'll have to double-check all that you do. Make a list of what you are ready to discard from your life. Tomorrow's eclipse will help you to let it go.

Friday, Sept. 22 Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 9:05 am. This is the second new moon in Virgo, as well as being an eclipsed moon. It offers and opportunity to bring to an end all Virgo type matters in your life. These include health, work, service to others, your sense of duty, and being judgmental. Affirmations are powerful and healing today.

Saturday, Sept. 23 Moon in Libra. The sun enters Libra at 4 minutes past midnight. It is a day to start and end relationships of all types. It is also the Autumnal Equinox. Your mind is receptive to other people's ideas. Let your artistic side have some expression by making time to paint, draw, make music, or dance.

Sunday, Sept. 24 Moon in Libra, VC from 10:11 am until 9:45 pm when it enters Scorpio. Chill out. It's a day of rest and you need one. Take a lazy day and just loaf around, or hang out with friends. Escape away from your life with your partner. Let it all slide for a day.

Monday, Sept. 25 Moon in Scorpio. Things start to feel intense again so get on with your life. You'll have the energy and concentration to tackle some of the harder bits. Pluto challenges Venus forcing you to be truthful and honest about your love life. You may have to say some bottom-line things to your partner. Speak the truth but try to avoid harsh words.

Tuesday, Sept. 26 Moon in Scorpio. This is a fertile moon, one that lets ideas, projects, and journeys grow as well as plants. It's a good day to expand your life, both at work and at home. You can see under the surface and use that information to help you proceed. Find time for introspection and to write in your journal.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 9:16 am. Things move faster today. You can use the enthusiasm Sagittarius imparts to push your projects ahead. You have great salesman ability and the right words will flow out of your mouth. Enjoy friendly competition in sports.

Thursday, Sept. 28 Moon in Sagittarius. The energy compels you to be active. Take a yoga class, or tennis lessons, or a dance class. Enroll in a course to study for the next few months. Do what you can to open up your life to new information. Reconnect with friends and associates who are overseas. Eat in an ethnic restaurant.

Friday, Sept. 29 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 4:45 pm until 6:01 pm when it enters Capricorn. It's ok if you can't concentrate today, as you'll do better saving the work for the weekend. Pay attention to last night's dreams, there are messages. You can talk and talk today and will want to discuss some important world issues.

Saturday, Sept. 30 Moon in Capricorn. It's a weekend to work. You'll find your self organizing and doing chores at home if you don't go to work. Make preparations for the winter. Clean up the garden. Venus enters Libra where she is happy. She will try her hardest to bring peace and harmony to everyone. She can smooth the way for you to iron out your relationship problems.

Sunday, Oct. 1 Moon in Capricorn. You can get a lot done today. You won't want to sit still and waste time. It's a great day to get organized and tighten up on your priorities, Take a cold hard look at your career. Relax with a game of chess or Go.

Monday, Oct. 2 Moon in Aquarius. Mercury moved into Scorpio early this morning, you'll notice your thinking is more subjective and emotional. It gives you a sharper perception and a keen eye. Today is Gandhi's birthday; celebrate it as a day of peace. Make a donation to a peace organization, pledge your help, or just say a prayer for peace.

Tuesday, Oct. 3 Moon in Aquarius, VC 4:13 pm. There's an air emphasis today. It's an idea day, the best for thinking and communicating. Leave the routine work aside and use your time receiving and implementing new ideas for a better future. You'll feel idealistic; try to ground that feeling into action.

Wednesday, Oct. 4 Moon in Pisces. Today is a day for service to others. Make helping someone the most important thing you do today. Help an elderly person plant their bulbs for spring flowers. Your aesthetic side is hungry and needs to be fed with art and beauty. It's a terrific day of inspiration for artists. Meditate tonight.

Thursday, Oct. 5 Moon in Pisces, VC 4:33 pm. It's a planting day with a very fertile moon. Your mind is fertile too. Ideas come in images. Give to others today; write a check to support needy children. Take a walk by water, and listen to the music it makes. Take a walk in the moonlight.