Town Columns


By Gail Craig - September 28, 2006

Fall is in the air, as well as on the calendar! I can't believe that September comes to a close on Saturday. Time slips away so quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was thinking summer was almost here. Now it's almost October! The kids are already happily anticipating Halloween, alternating between "wwwhhhheeeeennnnn" is Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen" and "wwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeennnnnn will my costume get heeeeeeerrrrre." I suspect all you parents out there recognize the spelling in those phrases.

I have received a number of e-mails and phone calls regarding last week's column: there was dismay that I didn't include why Kelly and I were off-Island, pats on the back for saving another turtle (I'm "a true Islander"), and, alas, disappointment that I saved that same snapping turtle.

First, Kelly and I went off-Island two weeks ago because Kelly was having Lasiks eye surgery at the Lasiks Vision Institute in Burlington. She had a great experience there and is doing well, with her eyesight greatly improved. I know how much some of you look forward to Kelly news, so I apologize for an incomplete update.

Second, thank you to those who shared your support of last week's turtle save. The kids have gone back to the pond several times to check on the turtle, but they haven't actually seen him since releasing him back into the wild. Some of you were appreciative of our attempts, in hopes that it would help decrease the goose population, while some of you just agree with preserving any life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Third, for those of you disappointed that we saved the snapping turtle, I apologize. I am not selective in what animals I assist and care for, except perhaps for wood ticks and mosquitoes. I try not to kill anything and, especially when I have my children with me, feel obligated to save any critter in need. It's all about karma and teaching the children about life and compassion.

Now - on to this week's news.

Condolences go out to the family of Les Freeman, who passed away last week. Les was a well-known character here in town and up at Animal Health Care at the airport and he will be missed by many.

Thoughts also go out to Hillary Landers, who suffered a serious fall last week. I hope to receive some updates on her as she recovers and also provide readers with an address for cards and letters. I'll keep you informed if I hear more news.

The seventh Miles of Memories Walk on Martha's Vineyard takes place Sunday, October 1. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's Services of Cape Cod and the Islands. All money raised remains in the area to fund a telephone helpline, support groups, and respite care services. The Walk sets off at noon from the Tisbury Senior Center, and goes along Beach Road, past the hospital, to the Oak Bluffs Senior Center. Prizes are offered to participants who raise the most money. Come early to register and warm up. For more information, call Alzheimer's Services at 508 775-5656 or Tom Dresser at 508 693-1050.

"The Fair Ladies" would like to thank everyone that entered their items and livestock in the Fair this year, as you make our fair the huge success that it is every year. They hope that you are already dreaming up your next flower arrangement, jar of pickles, quilt, homemade pie, and/or wood carving. The Fair Ladies wish you a happy and healthy year.

This is a gentle reminder from your plumbers out there. The weather could begin to get cold at any time now so you might want to get on their schedule to turn off your outside water!

I successfully completed the Training Wheels motorcycle class last week, which is offered at several locations. I attended the one offered at Otis Air Force Base. It's a two-day course, offering roughly five hours of classroom time and ten hours of actual motorcycle riding. At the end of the class, the students take a written exam and riding test. If you pass both tests, you can then receive your license from the RMV without an additional driving test. The class was definitely challenging but a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in motorcycle riding, experienced and inexperienced alike. I may repeat day two in the spring, which is the day of riding, just to freshen up the skills I learned this week. I've begun my forays out into traffic, taking a ride around Katama last week with Jamie. I'd like to extend a thank you to everyone out there who kindly allowed me to follow Jamie through intersections, including one of the Highway Department guys who graciously waved me through the four-way stop at Clevelandtown Road. Unfortunately, I had inadvertently shifted into neutral instead of first so couldn't actually go anywhere quickly. I guess passing the class doesn't guarantee riding without a few embarrassing moments!

That's it for now. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news.