Town Columns


By Kay Mayhew - September 28, 2006

Many thanks to the nice people at Morrice the Florist. They delivered flowers to the election workers in Tisbury last week. Each election worker received a small vase with two roses in it.

Island senior citizens are enjoying the tasty results of the fishing derby competition. Derby fishermen catch the fish and others fillet the fish. Then the fish is packaged by the senior centers and given away.

Some visiting fishermen were bemoaning the fact last weekend that they had not signed up for the fishing derby. They caught some "big ones," but were not eligible after the fact. The charter captains did their part by assuring the fishermen they should come back and try again.

Many of you will remember Joan Druett who has visited our Island frequently. She and her artist husband Ron Druett live in Wellington, New Zealand. She has published several nonfiction books on maritime history, such as the popular "Petticoat Whalers" and "She Was A Sister Sailor." Her fiction includes mysteries featuring Wiki Coffin, the Maori son of a Massachusetts whaling captain

Now this maritime author has done it again. She takes a little known piece of American history as a backdrop and paints upon it exciting adventures of mystery and intrigue. The historical event is the U.S. Exploring Expedition which sent a new country's naval expedition into South America from 1838 to 1842. Early in this story the mystery involves a murder that is blamed on the ship's cook, the mate, and even the captain.

Any maritime history fan will thoroughly enjoy the authentic scenes set by the author. The book describes ship's interiors as well as far distant locales as they appeared in the 1840s. Druett delves into the exotic foreign apothecary shop visited by the ship's doctor. She carefully creates social situations, guiding your comprehension of racial and cultural attitudes and opinions of the time. Because the setting is still the U.S. Expedition, many of the characters are familiar to readers of earlier stories of the fictional Wiki Coffin. He cleverly uses his intelligence as well as his understanding of human motives to determine the murderer's identity. I thoroughly recommend this book. You will enjoy "Run Afoul," the latest mystery by Joan Druett. The book is due to come out in October.

Tomorrow is the last day for lobster rolls at Grace Episcopal Church. This tasty sandwich not only supports a good cause but also makes a fine salute to the end of summer.

Connie and Freeman Leonard count 76 years of wedded bliss on Sunday. Also celebrating anniversaries on Sunday are Donna and Ray Frazio and Sofya and Sandy Nadelstein. Jane and Chris Chandler will have their special day on Monday. Wedding bells rang 40 years ago on Monday for Bob and Lynne Benson.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to mark a very special birthday for Julie Immelt on Saturday. Happy birthday on Monday to Nore Clark. Caryn King parties on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: "I arise each morning torn between the desire to save the world and the desire to savor it. That makes it hard to plan the day." E.B. White