Book Notes

Craigs in the kitchen

Posted October 12, 2006

Mystery writer Philip R. Craig and his wife, Shirley Prada Craig, are the authors of a new cookbook that includes many recipes featured in Phil's popular Martha's Vineyard Mysteries series.

"Delish! A Martha's Vineyard Cookbook, The J.W. Jackson Recipes," includes 250 recipes and comments by the Craigs about their lives and the food they cook at their Island home - including Mr. Craig's philosophy that you should "be wary of any recipe over four inches long."

Some of the recipes come from the 17 books featuring J.W. Jackson, a resident of Martha's Vineyard who solves mysteries in his spare time between his family and cooking adventures.

There are Island-based meals that can be cooked anywhere, recipes that emphasize the bounty of the garden and sea. Since both Craigs are avid fishermen - Shirley has for several years been a committee member of the annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby - many feature seafood. Shirley, a third-generation Islander, also draws on the traditional Portuguese foods of her family. An introduction by Phil talks about their lives on the Vineyard, how he came to write the books, and their strong-held thoughts on food.

"Delish!" is published by Vineyard Stories, an independent publishing company started in 2005 by Jan Pogue and John Walter.

For more information, contact 508-221-2338