Town Columns

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - October 12, 2006

How quickly life speeds along I am able to measure in the rapid changes of the seasons. Now the view from the font porch includes the delicate lavender of the wild asters and the quickly fading yellow of the goldenrod. From the back porch I can now see deeply into the woods as the ferns have already disappeared. The few leaves that have fallen from the trees have exposed the multiple squirrel nests of dried leaves high in the trees and the squirrels are getting bolder and approaching nearer to the house, shopping for their winter supplies, I think.

Irene Tewksbury, the Oak Bluffs Library's children's librarian has sent the news of the winning name for the giraffe. It's official. The children at story time voted and Spotty won. So now the children's Room has a mascot, Spotty the giraffe.

There is a slight change in scheduling at the Friday Conversations program at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center which takes place from 10 to 11:30 am. Tim Walsh, who had been the scheduled speaker on Oct. 20, has been rescheduled to Oct. 27 instead.

We send birthday smiles to Joe deBettencourt on Oct. 11, Jen Combra on Oct. 14, Lou Healey and Diane Claussen on Oct. 15, Kayla Bryn deBettencourt on Oct.17, and Rebecca Mandelli, the daughter of Leah and Adriano Mandelli who will celebrate her first birthday on Oct. 19,

Special anniversary smiles to Carol Sue and Bink deBettencourt whose special day was Oct. 9.

When you are driving, if you happen to spot a vehicle with a small red light on the dash that is lit and flashing, it is quite possible that it is an EMT or fireman responding to a call. So please, be alert and grant them immediate access to the street.

Melanie and Mike Marchand along with their children Matt, Kaitlin, Abbie Grace and Andrew went to Connecticut last week to visit Mike's parents Carol and Paul Marchand. On Saturday they all went apple picking and went on a hay ride. Sunday the family attended Mike's niece Cailin Lenane's confirmation

Lois Debettencourt enjoyed her annual "girls get-together" last week. Her sister Marian Linhares from Bourne, her three sisters-in law, Mickey, Barbara and Mary Simmons who hail from, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, respectively, all got together at Lois's Oak Bluffs Home. They had a wonderful time, viewing art shows at the Granary Galley, shopping, playing cards and just catching up on all the news. On Wednesday they were joined by Rose Anthony of Vineyard Haven for a dinner together at the Ocean View.

Guests at Lois's home on Monday were her son Jay and his wife Rebecca and their children who came to attend the memorial service for Timmy Norton.

The teen center located at the corner of Pequot and Grove streets opened its doors for grades six through eight today. Students are encouraged to visit the center between the hours of 3 and 8 pm.

The annual grade eight auction will be held on Saturday, Oct. 21. The auction begins at 7 pm with a preview and silent auction at 6:30 pm. The event will be held at the Ocean View Restaurant with pizza, door prizes, and a cash bar. Local businesses, individuals, teachers, and students have generously donated a fantastic selection and goods and services for the auction. Trip Barnes will be the auctioneer, so right there you know that the entertainment will be exceptional. Just to tempt you I will tell you that among the items are a chartered fishing trip, breakfast out, birthday parties, and an autographed Red Sox picture. This a great opportunity to do your holiday shopping and support the eighth grade trip to Philadelphia in June. Tickets will be sold at the door for this event.

Bobbi-Ann Gibson is finally able to catch her breath and tell me about all her family who arrived at various times to visit throughout the past couple of months. Her daughter Pam and granddaughter Shaina Hendrix came from Holladay, Tenn. Pam worked at the flying horses along side of her good friend Robin Meader and Shaina was a most welcome helper to her grandmother. Pam's husband Terry and son Adam were able to join them near the end of their visit to be present for the family party. Their visit was followed by Kathy and Michael Gibson's nine-year-old daughter Daniella whose home is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Daniella stayed for about three weeks until she was joined by her parents. Then Bobbi-Ann's son John Gibson, his fiancé Suzanne, and her daughter Elise visited for a few days. Michael and Kathy and Daniella made a brief visit to Boston to see a Red Sox game and then the whole family, along with more of her Island family and friends, all were able to be together for a party at Bobbi-Ann's house. It was wonderful for them all to be able to be home at the same time, if only for a brief few days.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me.