No time to wait...

By Arlan Wise - October 19, 2006

Be very active and work hard and get a lot done before Oct. 28. Every time you want to stop and finish the job later, remember that Mercury will soon be in retrograde motion for three weeks. Wouldn't you rather work now and have it done well, than fool around and procrastinate and have to do it while Mercury is working against you?

Mercury will be retrograde from Oct. 28 until Nov. 17. He will travel backwards from 25 degrees of Scorpio to 9 degrees. Where those degrees fall in your chart shows the area of life that will undergo revision. Some Scorpio themes you may have to deal with are death, inheritances, sexuality, other people's money, power struggles, and occult phenomenon. It falls in the area of the United States of America chart that symbolizes groups of people, such as the Senate and the House of Representatives. It will be interesting to watch how retrograde Mercury influences the elections.

The exciting news is that there will be a two-week period from Nov. 19 to Dec. 5 when all the planets will be moving forward in direction. This is rare, and happens only once a year, if at all. Make plans for what you want to accomplish during that time. Use this retrograde Mercury to do research and background work to launch your new projects and plans. It will be a great time to travel.

Thursday. Oct. 19 Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 3:19 pm. You could fret the day away over things you could have done better. Use the time to clean up, do some filing, and go through the piles of printed matter to bring to recycle. This will be a passionate evening for those in love.

Friday, Oct. 20 Moon in Libra. Today and tomorrow are days for socializing. The energy won't be this light for a while. It's a last chance for balanced, non-emotional negotiations. Cut the deals today. Meet with the marriage counselor. Don't wait any longer to settle things. Get out with friends for dinner and some entertainment.

Saturday, Oct. 21 Moon in Libra. Plant bulbs and flowering bushes. Buy some flowering plants to keep indoors. Shop for items of beauty. This is the last weekend to shop without worry for the next month. Make it an extra special evening for your partner. Go out and look for the Orionid meteor showers during the dark of the moon.

Sunday, Oct. 22 Moon in Scorpio. The new moon happened very early this morning while the moon was still in Libra. This is another good planting day. It's a good day to write, explain yourself to your partner, take a trip, meet with foreigners, and look for buried treasure. It is the last day of Libra. Pay attention to your relationship.

Monday, Oct. 23 Moon in Scorpio. The sun enters Scorpio at 9:27 am and Mars follows a few hours later. The day is full of competitive energy; use it towards your personal projects. You want to get as much done as you can this week while Mercury is still in direct motion. Watch how your ability to perceive what is not obvious sharpens under this heavy Scorpio influence.

Tuesday, Oct. 24 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 2:53 pm. Venus enters Scorpio to join four other planets in that sign. Life feels intense. Finish up what you have started in the morning and get on to the new work in the late afternoon. Take care of international business. Make your reservations for holiday and winter travel.

Wednesday, Oct. 25 Moon in Sagittarius. Mars and Venus meet today and this offers rare creative energy. You can start or finish your project. It can spark a new romance or bring passion to an existing one. Today will shake up the status quo. Get confidence to get over your creative block. Show your work to people.

Thursday, Oct. 26 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 2:02 pm until 11:47 pm when it enters Capricorn. Do what you must to follow through on yesterday's work. Do something to advance your career and your life. Make a bold move. Set your challenges, both physical and mental, for the next few months.

Friday, Oct. 27 Moon in Capricorn. Today is the last workday with a direct Mercury for three weeks; don't waste a minute of it. Put in your orders, set work in motion, and make a new schedule. Venus and the Sun are in conflict with Chiron, they bring up old wounds that still feel raw, but give you a chance to heal them. There is a grace and beauty to the day, take time to appreciate it.

Saturday, Oct. 28 Moon in Capricorn, VC 9:30 pm. Mercury turns retrograde at 3:16 pm. You can relax after that and hope that you did everything the right way. Forget about schedules and plans for a while. Call friends and see who's around for an impromptu dinner party. Enjoy the last of the light lasting longer into the evening.

Sunday, Oct. 29 Moon in Aquarius. TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK. Neptune went into direct motion as we lost an hour. The whole day will feel spacey and out of kilter. Do something out of the ordinary. Think about your dreams and fantasies and which have the potential for becoming real.

Monday, Oct. 30 Moon in Aquarius. You have a chance to replay and rewrite what you said and did on Sunday the 22. Look at your work and career from the big picture. Get involved in a community event or fundraiser. Share your energy and ideas where it is needed. Mars challenges Chiron to help you heal old wounds concerning assertiveness and identity.

Tuesday, Oct. 31 Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 9:11 am. This is the perfect moon for Halloween as it adds an aura of otherworldliness to the day. It is easy to make believe under a Pisces moon. You can become whom you dress up as and want to be. Remember that the tradition of the night is that the veil between the two worlds thins.

Wednesday, Nov. 1 Moon in Pisces. Last night's dreams were special. You may have to defend an idea or project and show it has some foundation to it. Try extra hard for clarity when you are in a discussion. You can have a romantic evening with an exciting twist to it.

Thursday, Nov. 2 Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 10:46 am. Sleep late if you can. Drift through the early hours and get to work when the moon changes signs. You'll feel the ability to focus come back. Make sure to challenge yourself physically. Don't let energy build up inside, go throw stones into the water if you can't find another way to expel anger.