Town Columns

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull - October 19, 2006

I saw almost everyone I know at Cronig's this past Saturday afternoon. We were all stocking up in anticipation of the store being closed its first Sunday. Sunday passed with my mother-in-law needing to borrow an onion, which I had, so it was more or less uneventful.

Everyone I ran into had interesting news to tell. Unfortunately, it was all "off the record" so there's not much for the column.

It was a beautiful week to have had Bill Ternes here. We got out to paint every day but Thursday (we painted in my studio) and were able to accomplish quite a lot. The highlight of the week was my discovery of the West Tisbury Police Department's new set of tools that open a locked car. One of Bill's students, Eleanor McMillan, locked her keys in her car down at Sepiessa Point. Of course, all her painting gear was still inside. Jon Belain, my first stop, told me to ask Dan Rossi, who was happy to oblige. He opened the door in seconds and Eleanor was off down the path to set up her easel. Unfortunately, the next day Eleanor gave Bill her keys to put something into her car and Bill proceeded to lock the car with the keys inside. Embarrassing as it was to call the Police station again, I did, and Dan responded as graciously as he had the first time. So there is a story of our tax dollars at work that I hope none of us will need in the future. But it's good to know.

The Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Class of 1966 held their 40th reunion this past weekend. From a class of 96, 35 members attended a buffet dinner at the PA Club on Saturday night and brunch the following morning at Farm Neck. The event was organized by Herb Ward, Ann (Boren) Ross, and Leslie (Ingraham) Bunker and everyone "had so much fun, we decided to do it again in five years instead of waiting another ten." That was according to Tom Hodgson, who attended with his wife, Christine. Tom, along with Jim Athearn, Prudy Whiting, Gail Kidden, and Gary Kurth, were the West Tisbury kids who attended the old West Tisbury School at the town hall through sixth grade. They moved to Tisbury for seventh and eighth grades, then to the regional high school, where they were the sixth class to graduate. Herb Ward told me that about half of the class still lives on the Island and the reunion committee has maintained contact with all but three members of the class. In the course of our conversation about the reunion, Herb thanked me for printing Mary Lu Keep's peach iced tea recipe. He had enjoyed it at Bruce and Mary Lu's house and was glad to be able to make it himself.

The Monday Night Movie at the library will be "Cat and Canary" made in 1927, one of Hollywood's earliest efforts at the suspense/horror genre. Admission is free and the movie starts at 7 pm. Next Monday's movie will be another spooky one, as we set the scene for the library's Halloween party. More on that in next week's column. Do begin planning your dress-ups, as there will be lots of parties around town and the Island.

Most of the monarch butterflies that had clustered around the goldenrod at the beaches the past two weeks seem to have left on their annual southward migration. I saw a few stragglers when Talley and I walked at Quansoo yesterday. It has been so beautiful here that I wouldn't want to ever leave.