Mercury is retrograde...

By Arlan Wise - November 2, 2006

You can think of this time period as a mini-vacation. It's a time to slow down and reconsider your life path. You are now in a reflective mode of thinking. You can assess all that doesn't feel right, and with Mercury in Scorpio, your feelings are what will feed you information. Scorpio matters concern sex, death, debts and use of other people's money, power, deep feelings, depth psychology, death/rebirth experiences, emotional connections, and many negative viewpoints and emotions. It may be a struggle to see the glass as half full as you go through the next few weeks.

Remember to be open to deviations from your plans, they can show you new ways of doing things. When problems arise, it is time to deal with them. Don't delay, go seek out help and find a counselor or any expert relevant to the issue. Clean your closets and force yourself to let go of the stuff you really don't need. You'll find a lot of lost objects.

Mercury will end this retrograde period on Nov. 17.

Thursday, Nov. 2 Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 10:46 am. Sleep late if you can. Drift through the early hours and get to work when the moon changes signs. You'll feel the ability to focus come back. Make sure to challenge yourself physically. Don't let energy build up inside, go throw stones into the water if you can't find another way to expel anger.

Friday, Nov. 3 Moon in Aries. You'll have plenty of energy to see you through the day. Try for some gentle innovation to change the way you do things. Explore some different paths and see where you go. It's a good day to test and try out new ways and not care too much about the outcome. Stay active and free from obligations.

Saturday, Nov. 4 Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 11:05 am. Sleep in this morning. Enjoy the extra time in bed. Once you start moving, you'll want to do the things that please your senses. Take care of any planting or transplanting you need to do. Shop for beautiful items for you and your home. Cook a gourmet dinner.

Sunday, Nov. 5 Moon in Taurus. This full moon stands opposite retrograde Mercury and will bring to light those private matters you've wanted to hide. Discuss your issues of security and insecurity concerning sex and money. It's important to talk, but don't make decisions. Take steps to make your surroundings more comfortable.

Monday, Nov. 6 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 11:46 am. It will be hard to start the workweek on time. Don't be stressed by the interruptions. You will need to check and double-check the numerical and paper work you do today. Mail items so that they can be traced. Your mind will feel jumpy and prone to think about romantic escapes.

Tuesday, Nov. 7 Moon in Gemini. Vote. Even if you forget, and have to go out of your way to do it, vote. Work for your party to make phone calls, or offer to drive elderly neighbors to the polls. Mercury comes back to meet Venus and they give you the words to unlock some inner emotional issues so that they can be discussed. It's a great day to write.

Wednesday, Nov. 8 Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 2:46 pm. Do the minimum at work today. A VC moon in Mercury's sign during Mercury retrograde turns the energy inward. You are very apt to become confused and make mistakes in your actions. Mercury transits across the sun today. It is a day when seed ideas come to you.

Thursday, Nov. 9 Moon in Cancer. You'll want to stay close to home and concentrate on the things that need to be done there. Be aware that your emotions are making the decisions today. Pay attention to the things you "know" and your gut feelings as this is where the answers are coming from. Find comfort in your family and in art.

Friday, Nov. 10 Moon in Cancer, VC from 3:59 pm until 9:34 pm when it enters Leo. Everyone is in a highly emotional state so it's not a good day for negotiations or finding a compromise. Let your intuition guide you through the day. Leave work early and prepare for a fun weekend. Make plans if you don't have any.

Saturday, Nov. 11 Moon in Leo. Go away with the kids for some fun. Take a trip to the city to go to the theater. Indulge that part of you that wants to try a casino even though you know already that there's no way you can win big. It's a weekend to have fun, to let the hard parts of life stay in the office or house.

Sunday, Nov. 12 Moon in Leo. Keep having fun. You may have to put up with a loved one's bad mood tonight but don't let that stop your daytime activities. Do what your heart wants you to do. Work on finishing an artistic project. Find time to do something special with the kids. Share your light with those around you.

Monday, Nov. 13 Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 8:18 am. This is the last week with Mercury Retrograde. You will want to forge ahead with work and try to get things in order, but it will be hard and what you do may not be permanent. Be sure to write down your ideas for future work.

Tuesday, Nov. 14 Moon in Virgo. You need to double-check everything you send out of the office. You must back up your computer. Take an inventory of the office supplies you need to buy and what you want to replace. You'll have to work at an exasperatingly slow pace to get it done right. Don't be too critical of yourself.

Wednesday, Nov. 15 Moon in Virgo, VC from 5:41 pm until 9:14 pm when it enters Libra. Think about efficiency and discard the items in the office that are not useful. Do this at home too. Recycle old journals and papers. Do all the filing and boring work so you can be clean and ready to start new projects next week. Take pleasure in the day.

Thursday, Nov. 16 Moon in Libra. Hang in there, it's only two more days until Mercury turns direct. It's a good day to fulfill your social obligations. Meet friends for meals. Write those thank-you notes and messages you've been meaning to write. Give flowers to a coworker in appreciation of hard work. Make a date to spend the evening with your partner.