Town Columns


By Jacqueline Sexton - November 2, 2006

Saturday's near-hurricane force winds made a clean sweep of hilltops and lowlands alike with reports of 10-foot waves in the sound. Foresighted boaters had moored their boats out of the path of the storm. On Sunday morning our front lawn was a beautiful autumn tapestry of dark red leaves, rosy pink and yellow, orange, ochre and brown leaves, studded with dark brown pine cones. It looked like a Peggy Zablotny botanical collage. (Enjoy now, rake later.) The wind, furious and howling, also did a substantial amount of brush cutting, leaving us not only with lots of kindling but good size logs for firewood. Mother Nature also took care of a butterfly bush by the front door that I have been wanting to move somewhere, anywhere, out of sight, for years. Now I may not have to move it and feel a little sad at its sorry state.

Sad, too, to report the passing of Sarah Jenkinson , who lived on the North Road for many years. She died on Oct. 21 at the age of 94. We send condolences to Pat and Joan Jenkinson and Pat, Jr., and his wife and the rest of Mrs. Jenkinson's large extended family.

On a happier note, a delayed happy birthday to Dr. Bernie Levy on Oct. 23.

The Chilmark and Aquinnah libraries wind up their joint fish and ocean life series next Wednesday with a talk at the Chilmark Library by Bill Wilcox, longtime Island water guru, who is a water consultant at the Martha's Vineyard Commission. Mr. Wilcox is a good talker and he knows everything there is to know about our Island waterways. The talk is next Wednesday, Nov. 8, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome; there is no admission charge. The evening programs are sponsored by the friends of the libraries.

Stay tuned for details of future Wednesday programs at the library, starting with Phil and Shirley Craig who will talk about their new J. D. Jackson cookbook.

So far as I know, we have no Amish community in Chilmark, so whose was the horse-drawn trash wagon, complete with pony and the family dog, apparently along for the ride, that showed up at the dump last Sunday to the delight of the other, fossil-fuel-dependent, dump runners?