Town Columns


By Gail Craig - November 2, 2006

My cable's up and running! Life is good again! And for anyone who wants to know the answer to the question I posed last week, Travers is Mary's last name (from Peter, Paul and Mary), which I knew at some time, but it had eluded me when it came up in conversation two weeks ago.

We reached another milestone this week in the Craig household. Riley had his first sleepover at his best friend Zeke's house Friday night. I had my doubts about whether or not he would last the night without getting homesick and though he phoned Jamie a couple of times sounding a little worried, he did indeed stay the night and definitely did not want to come home the next day. Zeke's dad, Steven Iammarino, and I confirmed to the boys that, while sleepovers will definitely be part of their futures, they will absolutely not be a weekly event. My hat is off to Steven for managing the two boys, plus beautiful daughter Nora overnight. It's not an easy task but he handled it with great aplomb. He's probably still suffering from sleep deprivation.

Claire Keene is on the mend after being struck by a car in the Edgartown post office parking lot a few weeks ago. Her husband Lauren said Claire appreciates all the cards and get-well wishes. She is off-Island in rehabilitation and hopefully will be back soon. Her customers at the Bank of Martha's Vineyard in Edgartown miss her too.

Happy birthday to Caroline Kelleher, daughter of Jim and Heather Hunt Kelleher. Caroline recently celebrated her second birthday with a party in the front yard of the Kelleher's recently renovated home a couple of weeks ago. Also in attendance at the party was Caroline's new baby sister, Cassidy James, who was born on Aug. 1.

I've received notification of a few upcoming events through the Edgartown Council on Aging (ECOA). On November 9 at 10 am Five Wishes is being presented in cooperation with Hospice of Martha's Vineyard. Five Wishes is the first living will that details your personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well as your living medical wishes. Your wishes tell your loved ones the kind of medical treatment you want or don't want, what measures will make you the most comfortable, how you want people to treat you and what you want your loved ones to know. Please call to reserve and to ensure we have enough copies of the document for everyone 508-627-4368.

The ECOA invites veterans to the Men's Breakfast on November 14 at 8 am. They will be serving up a delicious and hearty breakfast prepared by Sgt. Richard Krauss and Ted Morgan and Joanne Murphy will also attend, honoring all Edgartown Veterans with a tribute this month. Please call ahead to register for this event 508-627-4368.

On Dec. 7, the ECOA will head off-Island to the Providence Place Mall for a day of shopping. The group will leave on the 8:15 am ferry and return on the 6:15 pm. Cost is $25 per person, and registration and payment must be received by Nov. 22. To sign up and for more details, please call Cathryn at (508) 627-4368.

Happy Anniversary to Sue Pizzano and her husband Chris Lundgren, from your many friends and family in Edgartown. Sue and Chris were married in Las Vegas last year and celebrate their very special first anniversary on Nov. 4. Here's to many more happy years together.

On the other end of the marriage spectrum, congratulations and happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Sylvia, who celebrated 56 years of marriage on Oct. 28.

Here's a funny story. Kelly and I did our good deed last week, donating blood at the recent blood drive. As an interesting aside, at the time I was there, which was about 3 pm, 48 people had given blood that day and the noticeable majority were men. I asked if that was unusual and was told that it was. Usually more women donate than men. So to all the men who turned out that day - congratulations and thank you. And while I'm at it, congratulations and thank you to the women who gave, too! Everyone should get credit for taking time from their hectic lives to help others.

Anyway, Kelly and I were sitting waiting and I was asked if I was a Gardner (a question I get often because I look so much like my mom) and I said I was. The woman who inquired then said she reads my column, at which point Kelly chimed in with "Oh well, if you read the column, then you know me. I'm Kelly Hess." Kelly and I laughed hysterically, which of course we do quite a lot. We really crack ourselves up, though everyone else out there probably just thinks we're strange. So, to the fine ladies up at the blood drive that day, thank you for your efforts, your good will, your patience, and above all, your senses of humor! What you do up there means a lot. Keep it up.

That's it for now. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news.