Halloween Photos

Posted November 2, 2006

At the West Tisbury Library...

Photos by Ralph Stewart
Sarah and Meghan Lamb
Cowgirl Sarah Lamb, left, sits with her sister Meghan outside the library.
Beth Kramer
Beth Kramer, assistant librarian in West Tisbury, looks great as a southern belle.
Faidra Hansen and Denise Nelson
Wonder woman Faidra Hansen sits with her mother, Denise Nelson, at the West Tisbury Library's Halloween party on Tuesday.
Betty Haynes
Betty Haynes clowns around.

At the MSPCA...

Photos by Lynn Christoffers
Ginny the dog
Ginny the dog is a real angel.
AnnaBelle Brothers
Jackson the angelic Dalmatian is seeing double when AnnaBelle Brothers donned her Dalmatian costume for the Pet Halloween party.
Jessica Burnham with her dog Franklin
Jessica Burnham with her dog Franklin, a black pug, at the MSPCA party.
Carina and Crockett Cataloni
Siblings Carina and Crockett Cataloni pet Betty the cat.

At Outerland...

Photos by Ralph Stewart
Anthony Holand
As an intergalactic pirate, Anthony Holand is formidable.
Big Bird and Oscar
Who carded Big Bird and Oscar?
Adam Golding
Adam Golding enjoys a one-night stand.
Gillian Wright
Gillian Wright makes a jellyfish look fashionable.

At the Martha's Vineyard Hospital...

Photos by Susan Safford
Rayna Faust
Batgirl Rayna Faust is on alert.
Dauphine Michel
Dauphine Michel as a little ladybug.
Violet Waters and Dauphine Michel
Violet Waters in Windemere has a basket of candy for trick-or-treaters. Dauphine Michel helps herself.
Lauren Giglio holds daughter Cali
Lauren Giglio holds daughter Cali who is dressed as a cat.
Ella Buchert
Ella Buchert as a wide-eyed giraffe.

At the PA...

Photos by Ralph Stewart
Michael DelloRusso
This three-headed ghoul is Oak Bluffs beach clean-up guy Michael DelloRusso.
Mark Forbes
Mark Forbes stands pretty in a pink flamingo.
Tara Jennings
Tara Jennings goes for the glamorous look in her Halloween costume.
Bud Knight
Everyone at the PA Club in Oak Bluffs was asking, "Who is the Bud Knight?" Do you know?