Town Columns

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - November 9, 2006

Fall at last and what memories it brings back. Remember horse chestnuts? I had forgotten about them until I stepped onto a few when walking last week. Forget your "Beanie Babies," "Cabbage Patch Dolls," and whatever else youngsters collect today. When we were in school each fall friends would bring in horse chestnuts and proudly display them before their classmates. Those who brought them in by the bagful were considered wealthy by the rest of us who felt quite lucky if we had a handful. But we all polished them till they shone, made necklaces and everyone at one time, and only one time, would try eating them. That memory is not so pleasant. Can you ever forget that amazed feeling that passed over you when you found even one?

A large contingent of family, friends, and co-workers from Vineyard Sound Medicine greeted Pam Thomas when she stepped off the plane at Martha's Vineyard Airport on Sunday night. The reason for this big welcome was that Pam was returning from Kazakhstan with eighteen-month-old Max, the son she, her husband Travis Pachico, and their son Jackson have adopted. There were tears of joy and happiness a-plenty, especially when Max ran straight to Jackson and embraced him in a warm hug. Congratulations to this family.

Oak Bluffs Assistant Fire Chief Pete Forend arrived at Otis Base today after completing his military assignment in Kuwait. He will arrive on the Island tomorrow on the 11:30 am boat and then return to Otis on Sunday for Awards Day followed by out-processing on Monday. We are all grateful that he has returned safely to the United States after his overseas assignment.

The Trinity United Methodist Church in the Camp Ground will be holding their annual Harvest Fair and Luncheon on Nov. 11 at the Parish Hall. There will be tables offering baked goods, knitted garments, jewelry and many other items. The Fair is from 9 am until 2 pm and the luncheon takes place from 11:30 until 1:30 pm. For tickets, call Betty Daniels at 508-693-2621. Don't miss this opportunity to do some holiday shopping.

On Nov. 16 at the Oak Bluffs Library Phyllis Meras will discuss her new book, "Country Editor: Henry Beetle Hough and the Vineyard Gazette," with a special focus upon the preservation and conservation efforts of Mr. Hough. There will be time for audience questions at the end of the program.

At the children's section of the library on Saturday, Nov. 18, there will be a special event. Starting at 10:30 am, there will be "An African American Story Time" with Leigh French, who will tell you about a character who is an African American who has spent time in Oak Bluffs. Then children can make their own book about this character. The library will have supplies; you need to bring your creativity. Finished books will be displayed during African American History Month in February. This program is geared for elementary school age students.

The Library will be closed for Veterans Day on Sat., Nov. 11. But please everyone. Do not forget our veterans on that day. Make sure you fly your flags proudly and appreciate the many sacrifices veterans have made over many years.

Elissa DeCosta came the closest in the acorn contest at the library. Her guess was 993 and there actually were 987. Her winning prize was her choice of a book, a tiny toy kitten, and a small dream catcher.

The Halloween party sponsored by the PTO was a big success and now this wonderful group is sponsoring a Movie afternoon on Nov. 14 from 12 to 2:40 pm and a craft afternoon on Nov. 16 from 12 to 2:40 pm. These are early dismissal days for parent/teacher conferences. Keep a watch for permission slips this week and for the permission slips for the craft afternoon, which must be in by Nov. 9.

We send birthday smiles to Ryan Gonsalves, who turned the big 10 on Nov. 2; Mark Landers on Nov. 8; Amanda Gonsalves on Nov. 11; and Katie Davey on Nov. 13. Jeannie Moore had the best Birthday surprise ever on Saturday when her daughter Sonya Gowdy, granddaughter Taylor Melton and Taylor's friend Cassandra Muchette, all of Virginia, surprised her with a visit. A taxi cab pulled up to her house and the driver told her he had three passengers in his cab who told him they had rented rooms in Jeannie's house for the week-end. As Jeannie does not rent rooms, she went out to the cab at the driver's urging and was completely speechless when she saw who the passengers were. They all had a marvelous week helping Jeannie celebrate her milestone birthday.

Enjoy your week and if you like to read a lot of Oak Bluffs news, send it along to me, please.