Town Columns


By Kay Mayhew - November 9, 2006

The marriage of Dana Costanza and Marin Street was a perfectly wonderful Island wedding. Last Saturday their families and friends enjoyed a simple, moving, and very personal ceremony at the Costanza home. Performed by the Rev. Arlene Bodge, the ceremony included not only a sand mixing ritual, but also the happy and timely quacking of mallards in the pond nearby. All the human guests were treated to a jazz and dinner reception afterwards at the home of the newlyweds. Musical tributes were offered by Marin's father, sister, and little brother, all of whom showed impressive talent. While the air was cool, the sun was bright, and the moon seemed even brighter, as the guests gathered to wish fair winds for this couple's journey through life together.

Fly your flag on Saturday for Veterans Day. Over 400 flags will go up on Veterans Day in Oak Grove Cemetery to honor the men and women who have served our country. Help is needed this Saturday morning to put up the flags at 7:30 and to help take them down at 3 pm. As Ed Colligan says, "we can use all the help we can get."

Ed also noted that every veteran is entitled to a military funeral, which is attended by other veterans. If you are a veteran and would be willing to assist at military funerals, call Ed Colligan at 508-693-0912.

Ticks are always a concern for Islanders. Removing them can be a problem. Recently an e-mail told of an easy way to remove ticks. Put liquid soap on a cotton ball, hold it on the tick for 15 or 20 seconds, and remove it. Supposedly the tick will come off with the cotton ball. It sounds much easier than using tweezers. However, the web site for the Centers for Disease Control suggests any method other than tweezers may be harmful. It says that causing discomfort to the tick may cause it to deposit more of its toxins into the bite subject.

Best buy in town this Saturday night: spaghetti and meatballs dinner at the First Baptist Church parish house on William Street. Only $10 for all you can eat. Dinner will be served from 5 to 6:30 pm. Take-out is available if you prefer. The money will benefit the church building fund. Tickets are available at the door or reserve your seats at 508-693-8040.

After supper, you can go to the movies. The Martha's Vineyard Film Society will show four films on four consecutive Saturdays, beginning with the documentary "Jesus Camp," and ending with a quiet Japanese film "Tony Takitani." The documentary explores Kids on Fire, a summer camp in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, where children as young as six years are taught to become dedicated Christian soldiers in God's army. The film follows these children at camp as they hone their prophetic gifts and are schooled in how to take back America for Christ. This is a first-ever look into an intense training ground that recruits born-again Christian children to become an active part of America's political future. Doors open at 7 pm, and films begin at 7:30 pm at the historic Katharine Cornell Theatre.

Want to hear more about small-scale farming? Ali Berlow invites you to hear Joel Salatin at the New Ag Hall in West Tisbury on Friday, Nov. 17, at 7 pm. The new York Times calls him the High Priest of the Pasture. His talk, "Holy Cows & Hog Heaven," will focus on farming and meat production on Martha's Vineyard.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Monday to Katie Davey.

Heard on Main Street: "We live in the land of the free, only because of the brave."