Town Columns

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull - November 9, 2006

We have finally had our first frost. I had found myrtle flowers and the early creeping veronica blooming amid impatiens and nasturtiums right through last week; in fact, my last bouquets of nasturtiums, marigolds, and Coral Nymph salvias are beside the sinks on our bathroom counters. And although we need a fire at night, as I am writing this column I have the doors and windows open and fresh air wafting through the house.

This has been the most beautiful and long-lasting fall. As I drive towards town, the burning bushes are bright punctuations to the landscape and the lawns glow golden beneath a fall of yellow leaves.

Mike and I are very excited at the news that Dana and Lori Resendes will be our newest neighbors. They have just purchased land behind Tony and Doreen's house (Dana's parents) and are now planning the house they will soon begin to build. Welcome to the neighborhood.

I learned the news about Dana and Lori when Mike took me to the Square Rigger last Wednesday night for my birthday dinner. We were surprised to find the place filled with six other Nov. 1 celebrants. Sharon Eber was at the table next to us. Two tables down, Mary French was elegantly toasting her husband Jim with martinis. Joyce Bowker and her family were sitting two tables past the Frenches; both her husband Wesley and daughter Grayson were born on November 1. In the far room we heard voices singing "Happy Birthday" at two different tables. I guess it is a very popular day, certainly my favorite, and I try to make it last as long as possible.

Claire Chalfoun and Ruth Kirchmeier took me and Lyn Hinds, (whose birthday is today, Nov. 9) out to lunch last week at the Thai restaurant in Oak Bluffs. The food was delicious and the owners treated us to a special Pad Thai in honor of our birthdays. On the actual morning, Lesley Baker took me out to breakfast and an outing to Campbell & Douglas to buy ourselves polka-dotted socks before we went off to paint, and I still have a breakfast with Julie Kimball and lunch with Kathy Logue to look forward to.

Happy birthday wishes this week to my brother Mark and brother-in-law Edward on Nov. 11, also to Mary Jo Joiner in Alaska. Nov. 15 is the birthday of Stanley Wexler and Tara Larsen.

Rosalie Powell had a full house at the Bayberry Inn last weekend. Her granddaughter Shannon Powell, daughter of Ted and Susan, was married to Dan Larsen Jr. on Saturday at the West Tisbury Church. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

All the Halloween parties in town were a lot of fun. Even the cemetery had pumpkins placed here and there among the headstones. Peggy Stone called from Parks and Rec to thank all the volunteers who helped at the Ag Hall. She also announced the winner of the candy corn guessing game; Paige Taylor guessed 2200 and the actual number was 2239. Nelia Decker, alias Olivia, asked me to thank Nancy Cole, Betty Haynes, the trustees and friends who made refreshments, and especially her sister-in-law Lilly Rose Marshall, who came all the way from California to visit Nelia and Chris and to help out at the library party.

If you have an unfinished project in your knitting or sewing basket or if you have a project in your mind to start, you may be interested in doing it with a group of like-minded crafters at the West Tisbury Library this Monday, Nov. 13. "In Stitches" will be held on alternate Monday evenings from 7 to 9 pm through the winter. Also this Monday, the movie will be "The Lavender Hill Mob."

Paula Black and Beth Kramer wish to remind you that the library always needs paper bags. Please bring any you have to spare to the library.

An interesting cautionary tale: last week West Tisbury firemen were called to a fire on Oak Lane that had been started by a magnifying glass, presumably left on a table in front of a window. Be careful where you display your bibelots.

Learn about farming, produce, and animal husbandry techniques on the Island from Joel Salatin this Friday evening and next, at 7 pm at the Ag Hall. "Holy Cow and Hog Heaven" is the name of the program that will include a book signing, coffee, and dessert. Admission is $15.

Martha and Richard Doane's son, Navy Captain Steven C. Doane, is retiring after a 30-year career with the U.S. Public Health Service. He has served as a pharmacist in Indian Health Hospitals in Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, and Cherokee, N.C. Steve and his wife Roseanne reside in Sylvia, N. C., and have a son, Nathan, who attends the University of Virginia.

My sincere condolences go to the Jenkinson family for the loss of Pat's mother last week.

Wednesday evening, Eleanor Pearlson and her staff at Tea Lane Associates gave a lovely party to thank a group of artists who have had work on display in the real estate office this past summer. Painter Liz Taft organized and hung the show. She did a beautiful job. The Tea Lane office is a very pretty setting in which to show art. It has a combination of large walls and smaller spaces between windows and doors, much like a private home. Ms. Pearlson was very complimentary about how much she, the others in her office, and her clients all enjoyed living with the paintings, music to every artist's ear. The paintings are still up and you are invited to stop in and have a look. Please do.

I was taken to task by Jonathan Revere last week over a comment I made in a column a few weeks ago about enjoying seeing people walking along the new path in North Tisbury. He felt that I should have identified myself as a member of the Paths Along the Roads Committee before making a biased statement. I really was just stating that I was glad to see people enjoying the new path. As the writer of this column I comment upon my observations of life in town. Regardless, in the spirit of full disclosure, here are my and my husband's affiliations: I am an artist, walker, writer, gardener, reader, wife, relative, and friend, Chairman of the Library Board of Trustees, a member of the Paths Committee and the Space Needs Committee. Mike is a carpenter, a volunteer fireman, and a member and team leader of the Dukes County Search and Rescue. He serves as Town Carpenter and, with Ernie Mendenhall and Tucker Hubbell, is on a committee that evaluates the condition of all town buildings on an annual basis and recommends any maintenance issues to the Selectmen and Capital Improvements Committee. I hope I haven't forgotten anything.