Town Columns


By Jacqueline Sexton - November 16, 2006

The leafless grey branches of the trees and the shrubs are somehow at odds with the warm weather we've been having. This used to be the time of year for sledding, building snowmen and skidding over icy roads to Grandmother's house for the big Thanksgiving feast. Whatever happened to winter?

Spider and Sarah Andresen have been in Boulder, Col., doting on their first grandchild, Nathaniel Weston Andresen Simich, who was born on Nov. 4. Nathaniel's parents are Erika Andresen Simich and Steven Simich Congratulations to all.

We now have Dog Days in December: Santa will be on hand at the MSPCA for photo ops with your dogs, cats or other pets on Saturday, Dec. 2, from noon to 3 pm. Bring the kids; refreshments will be served.

The November issue of the school's Bell Tower is full of news of accomplishment and challenge and field trips all over - Polly Hill, the Allen Farm, the Farm Institute, and Long Point, among others. The 2/3 "green team" is busy with this year's recycling of ink jet printer cartridges, cell phones, and organic materials. They are in touch with their contemporaries in California, via the Internet.

Barbara Martinez gave workshops in Flamenco dancing to students, who later took in a live performance at The Yard.

Last Thursday, the school set out on its first "30-consecutive-minutes" trail hike in observance of All School All Staff Fitness Day, in keeping with the wellness program initiated by the Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation for Kids Fitness Day.

Pre-school director Chris Abrams reports that her students are enthusiastically taking up study of the violin under the tutelage of Becky Barca-Tinus.

The annual Turkey Trot will be held next Tuesday before school closes for Thanksgiving break the following day for the rest of the week.

Community involvement in school affairs continues as usual. Roberta Morgan brought platters of her sensational homemade donuts and a book about pumpkins to help celebrate Halloween. And principal Diane Gandy thanks Perry Ambulos for "the fantastic spread" he provided for professional day.

School these days sounds like a lot more fun than it was when I went to school.

Katy Carroll reports that she and her children, Bradley and Brooks, went to Waltham over Halloween weekend to visit her parents there. They took the children on a tour of Salem and the site dedicated to those accused and tried as witches. She tells us that her "10th great-grandmother, Susannah North Martin, was one of those accused and consequently hung in 1682." She adds that the children preferred the Pirate Museum.

John Wehncke has been recovering from the effects of a stroke for some months, and so we were happy to see him out and about, driving himself, at Cronig's parking lot. In fact, he got away before we could catch up with him.

And Ann Deitrich, who had a hip operation recently, was looking spry and cheerful, sporting an elegant black cane, on Election Day.

Congratulations to the hundreds of volunteers - nurses, EMT's, firefighters and others - who took part in the flu clinic drill last Friday. From the volunteers who gave directions in the parking lot to the teams who helped with the paper work and administered the vaccine, it was an impressive and professional performance carried out with typical Vineyard kindness and humor. Even during the interminable trek through the high school corridors there were encouraging shouts of "You're almost there!" They thought of everything.