Town Columns


By Gail Craig - November 22, 2006

We had an early deadline for columns this week, as the paper went to press early because of the holiday. That being said, it feels like I just wrote a column so I don't have much news for you all.

Congratulations to the Edgartown eighth graders who are completing their American Heart Association CPR Certification Class. The kids have done a wonderful job, listening, watching and practicing their skills! Just a reminder to the kids to mention your certification when looking for a summer job - and to future employers - that you are READY to work and CPR-trained! They are a great bunch of kids! Many thanks to "Chuck Cummings and Company," who have also trained and certified many Island teachers. It is an asset to our schools and community to be able to teach our students these very important skills.

The Fair Ladies want to share this autumn note with everyone. With the fall season upon us, remember the Fair as you can and preserve your harvest bounty. Fair entries include pickles, honey, jam, jelly, preserves, and canned & preserved fruits and vegetables. The Fair Ladies wish you a lovely autumn!

The Edgartown School has once again lost a principal, with Mr. Dulac resigning for the second time in a week. While I was supportive of his hiring last spring and was happy that his insurance and retirement issues were resolved two weeks ago, I am now appreciative that Mr. Weiss has put the children of Edgartown first by asking for Mr. Dulac's resignation. Our school needs to move forward and all of this drama is detrimental to our children's success.

I was very worried about how to present Mr. Dulac's resignation to Riley again. He is a very sensitive kid and is quite attached to Mr. Dulac, as he was to Ed Jerome. I was worried that hearing that Mr. Dulac was leaving again would be too much for him. We were riding in the car and I asked some pointed questions to try to find out what he may have already heard. It was clear that he hadn't heard any rumors so I explained what was going on as best I could, not fully understanding it myself. I expected tears or anger. What I got was "I'm happy!" I said, "You are?" and he said, "Well, not that he's leaving but we're learning about patterns in class and I can tell my class tomorrow that Mr. Dulac is a pattern. He's leaving, staying, leaving... maybe he'll even stay again so it will be leave, stay, leave, stay". God, I love that kid! Perspective is everything!

Don't forget to sign up for the parade, which is on Dec. 9 at 10 am. We need floats, musicians, jugglers, clowns etc. Call or e-mail me if you want to be part of the fun.

Also remember that the MSPCA is doing photos with Santa from 12 noon until 3 pm on Dec. 2, so be sure to bring your critters by for a photo op and maybe some refreshments. They also want to remind anyone who has adopted a dog from them to sign up to be part of their group in the parade. Show your MSPCA pride by joining up. You know you'll have fun!

I think that's it, folks. Sorry that I don't have any updates on Kelly or Sherm this week. Maybe next week will bring some exciting Hess or Burnham news, what with the holiday and all! Have a great week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to share your news for next week's column.