Town Columns

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - November 22, 2006

How enjoyable it was to read the special football section in the Times last week, especially since I graduated from Tisbury High School in 1953. Believe it or not, I still remember how disappointed the boys in the class were that they missed this all-Island football team by one year. Coach Kelly was the boys basketball coach for the 52-53 season and was greatly admired by all his players and the school. That football team was the very beginning of the regionalization of sports. The music department had been all-Island for a few years and included a band and symphony orchestra. But this was the first attempt at regionalizing sports and many people said it would never work, as there was such rivalry between all of the towns. But now this younger generation looks at us in amazement when asked "what town do they play for?" They know it isn't the town, it is the Island.

Marion Morton gets an extra special smile this week as she celebrated her 97th birthday last Friday. She was a volunteer for many years at our Martha's Vineyard Community Hospital with over 6,000 volunteer hours. Marion also coordinated the "Tree of Lights" program until her retirement. I still remember her when she was a teller at the former Martha's Vineyard National Bank branch in Oak Bluffs and how kind and informative she always was. Marion now resides at Windemere on the Assisted Living floor and says, "it's a nice place to be if you can't live alone. Everyone is very friendly."

We were saddened to hear of the death of Audria Tankard last Friday. Mrs. Tankard leaves a large family and many friends. She was such a familiar smiling face and presence, in church and many places in Town. Always the lady, we will miss her and send sincere condolences to her family.

The "Fair Ladies" would like to remind everyone that the fall season is upon us so please remember the fair as you can and preserve your harvest bounty. Fair entries include: pickles, honey, jam, jelly, preserves, and canned and preserved fruits and vegetables. They wish you all a lovely autumn.

A reminder from the Oak Bluffs School tells us that the after school homework club starts Monday, Nov. 20, from 2:40 to 3:30 pm and will continue after Thanksgiving break. The club is held in Mr. Barry's room.

Laury Binney, the Oak Bluffs School Principal, informed parents and students this week that he will be on a year's leave of absence for the school year commencing next July 1, 2007. He was most emphatic in stating his desire is to return to full duties in July 2008 and is most honored and proud to have served the Oak Bluffs School Community for the past ten and a half years.

Birthday smiles to Shawn Broadley who celebrated Nov. 18, Gina deBettencourt on Nov. 23, Talia Luening and Deb Brown on Nov. 25 and Pam Herman on Nov. 24.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time and your week.