Jupiter's gifts

By Arlan Wise - November 30, 2006

Jupiter is feeling strong and happy now that he is in his home turf of Sagittarius. He is at his most beneficent this year and wants to shower you with gifts and opportunities. Jupiter won't drop them in your lap; he shows them to you and asks that you make an effort to receive them. He asks you to go beyond your everyday safety zone and stretch yourself out into the unknown. He only offers once, and you have to act quickly. The part of the chart that holds Sagittarius is the area of life where Jupiter will tear down fences. Think back to 1995 for an idea of how he acts and the area of life he wants you to expand.

Saturn will start his long retrograde period on December 5. He will track back from 25 degrees of Leo to 18 degrees. The place in your chart where you have those degrees will undergo his scrutiny. Any planets in those degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio will feel his pressure for a second time. He will remain in retrograde motion until April 19, 2007.

Thursday, Nov. 30 Moon in Aries. This is the first fire sun-moon energy day since the summer. It's full speed ahead. You won't be able to sit still and will feel impatient to get it all done. Launch your new projects; take those next steps into the future. Do not wait any longer to start what is new in your life; it is a day for new beginnings.

Friday, Dec. 1 Moon in Aries, VC from 1:40 pm until 8:26 pm when it enters Taurus. Get up early to have extra morning hours to work. If you get a lot done in the morning, you can leave and start your weekend when the moon goes void of course. This is one of those rare days when the things you set in motion will have a long life.

Saturday, Dec. 2 Moon in Taurus. Stay open to unexpected events and people entering your life. Sudden jolts of energy will disrupt the calm of the day. You can receive insights of knowledge and wisdom if you are receptive. It's a great day to shop and find value in bargains. Treat yourself to a gourmet meal or attend a fund-raising dinner.

Sunday, Dec. 3 Moon in Taurus, VC 7:31 pm until 10:05 pm when it enters Gemini. It's a lazy Taurus moon Sunday. It's another good shopping day if you can leave the comfort of home. Shop for art, music, plants and trees. Give your houseplants some care. Take a nap. Make major decisions about handling your money and assets; you need to take care of the negotiations and the banking tomorrow.

Monday, Dec. 4 Moon in Gemini. Think of today as the last day to take advantage of a special opportunity to move your life forward. Take action. Your mind wants to find out the facts and do research to shatter illusions. You can do some sober thinking. Tonight's full moon will amp up your nervous system. Do breathing exercises to calm down and center yourself.

Tuesday, Dec. 5 Moon in Gemini, VC 6:11 pm. It will be hard to feel that your feet are on the ground today. Things are changing. Saturn is strong and motionless as he starts his long retrograde period tonight. Mars is leaving his own sign of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius where he likes to run wild. Don't believe that anything said or done today will last.

Wednesday, Dec. 6 Moon in Cancer, VC 8:13 pm. The energy quiets down a bit. Today will feel calmer. You may have to deal with the emotional aftermath of the past few days. Take someone to lunch. Do tomorrow's important work today. Plan a quiet evening to rest and have some time to nourish yourself at home.

Thursday, Dec. 7 Moon VC Cancer. There hasn't been a full VC day in a while. Use this one to take a personal day. You will be busy addressing your relationship issues as Venus rules the day. It's a day for passionate behavior. It's a day to make a commitment. Step out of your life and anxieties and make this a day you'll never forget.

Friday, Dec. 8 Moon in Leo. Mercury enters Sagittarius and dances with the moon. There are eight planets in fire signs now. Express yourself, write, talk, or give a speech. You'll be lucky whatever you do, so go beyond your comfort level and take a risk. Show the world how creative you are. Express your love in as many ways you can. Say a prayer for peace.

Saturday, Dec 9 Moon in Leo. This could be the most romantic weekend of the year. Take your loved one an amorous getaway. Create a romantic fantasy trip. It is also excellent energy for artistic work and going beyond the bounds of your creativity. You will be rewarded if you experiment.

Sunday, Dec. 10 Moon in Leo, VC 3:35 pm until 4:31 pm when it enters Virgo. This is such creative energy. Let your mind expand any way you can. Open yourself to learning about other cultures and unknown experiences. It is a day to talk and write. Leave the clean-up for the late afternoon and evening.

Monday, Dec. 11 Moon in Virgo. Venus enters Capricorn and you can settle down for a while. She asks you to spend the month reassessing your relationship and finances. She wants serious actions. Mars meets Jupiter to give you more energy than you want. It will be very hard to sit still. There's a real need to feel free and unfettered.

Tuesday, Dec. 12 Moon in Virgo, VC 9:32 pm. You'll still be riding on yesterday's extraordinary energy. It will give you faith to face the future with hope. Take care of that tedious, detailed work you've been avoiding. You'll have to focus on the little picture today. Shop for tools and office equipment. It's the best day for working this week.

Wednesday, Dec. 13 Moon in Libra. You'll feel like socializing and playing rather than working. Put your attention towards the problems that need compromises. You'll be able to find a balance today. Luck will go your way. Shop for fine art items and jewelry. Decorate your workspace with flowers.

Thursday, Dec. 14 Moon in Libra. Continue on with yesterday's activities. Go out of your way to create a social occasion for friends you haven't seen in a while. Shop for gifts of beauty to decorate the house and body. You'll have great taste and sense of style. Don't buy the big-ticket items, as it will be harder to make decisions today.