Winter solstice

By Arlan Wise - December 14, 2006

The winter solstice is the astrologer's new year. The sun is at its weakest and most distant point, then stops on the solstice for a few hours before it begins to return its light to us. We can look at each year's solstice chart as a predictive chart for the year ahead. There is more astrological reasoning to use this chart than the Jan. 1 chart for each year.

Two-thousand seven looks like it will be a good year. There will be a lot of hope and idealism generated by Jupiter advancing up to meet Pluto in Sagittarius. Any year when Jupiter is in Sagittarius is a lucky one, full of opportunities for travel, education, and spiritual enhancement. Mars and Uranus are at a perfect 90-degree angle to each other, indicating sudden and unexpected revolutions, explosions, and eruptions. Take an extra minute or two to check your safety when dealing with anything dangerous.

It will be a good year for the arts. It's the year to produce and show your work. It's more about the creativity than the money. Relationships will go along well until it's time for a commitment, because no one will want to feel fenced in. You'll find a conflict between thoughts of being free and roaming the world by yourself and the comfort and security of staying home with your love.

Thursday, Dec. 14 Moon in Libra. Continue on with yesterday's activities. Go out of your way to create a social occasion for friends you haven't seen in a while. Shop for gifts of beauty to decorate the house and body. You'll have great taste and sense of style. Don't buy the big-ticket items, as it is hard to make decisions today.

Friday, Dec. 15 Moon in Libra, VC from 10:33 am until 5:42 pm when it enters Scorpio. Bring the week's projects to an end. Use the VC time to wrap things up, tidy the workplace, and sneak away for a nap. You will listen, learn, and speak odd thoughts. It's a good time for holiday parties. Wait until the evening to go shopping.

Saturday, Dec. 16 Moon in Scorpio. There's stability to the day. You can find the bottom line and feel OK about it. You will have the patience to let things grow. It's not the best shopping day as Scorpio moon makes you hold on to your money. Shop for scuba gear, books on mythology, depth psychology, and unsolved mysteries.

Sunday, Dec. 17 Moon in Scorpio, VC 6:31 pm. The holidays bring up lots of emotions and it's a good thing to recognize them today. Don't deny what you're feeling, acknowledge it so you can move on. Make a balance between your hopes and wishes and the reality of the moment. Go to bed early and listen to your dreams.

Monday, Dec 18 Moon in Sagittarius. Today is the annual meeting of the sun and Pluto. It is always an intense day. The truth is revealed and you have to deal with the fallout. Be aware of power struggles all around. Use the enthusiasm that Sagittarian energy gives to the day to take a life-changing action. Break out of your self-imposed fences and seek adventure.

Tuesday, Dec. 19 Moon in Sagittarius. There's an easy flow of energy today, excellent for writing, decorating, and having a good time. Let go of your schedule and follow the day as it unfolds. Take off on a whim. Plan a great trip to a place you've never seen, and then buy the tickets. Shop for sports equipment, bikes, or camping gear.

Wednesday, Dec 20 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 9:01 am until 11:39 am when it enters Capricorn. Today's new moon occurs at the same degree as Pluto. This sets up an unusual pattern for the month to come. Things will change, evolve, die and be reborn. You can't hide from the truth. Enjoy this last day of Sagittarian optimism.

Thursday, Dec 21 Moon in Capricorn, VC 11:05 am. The sun enters Capricorn at 7:23 pm marking the moment of the winter solstice. Mars challenges Uranus; this may provoke some religious or rebellious conflict. You need to be very careful when handling anything electrical or flammable. There's a high potential for accidents. It's a good day to break a habit.

Friday, Dec 22 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 4:49 pm. The VC moon makes it hard to stay focused. Finish up the important things that need to be tied up and start your holiday weekend early if you can. Think of Dickens's Christmas Carol and make a few more donations.

Saturday, Dec. 23 Moon in Aquarius. You can finish up your holiday preparations with detachment. It's a day to see the bigger picture and not get upset by little things going wrong. Do your last-minute shopping for computer games and equipment, electronic items, science fiction novels, and anything unconventional.

Sunday, Dec 24 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 3:09 pm until 8:43 pm when it enters Pisces. Get all your work done so you can enjoy this evening when you'll feel the spirit of the holiday come back into your heart. It will be a sentimental time: be sure to share the sentiments and warm feelings with others.

Monday, Dec. 25 Moon in Pisces. Merry Christmas. As you enjoy all your bounty and the love of your family, remember those who have little or nothing today. Give generously to a charity, or charities, that help feed and clothe those in need. Remember that words can hurt and know that people feel vulnerable today, so be kind with your words. Meditate if you have time alone. Pray for peace.

Tuesday, Dec 26 Moon in Pisces. Drift through the day. Throw away the agenda and schedule and let your feelings lead you. Visit those who are shut in or ill. Call the relatives and friends you need to forgive. Make peace in your life. Try to absorb enough holiday spirit to stay with you the whole year.

Wednesday, Dec. 27 Moon in Aries. Now you can pick yourself up and you're on your way. If you don't have to go back to work today, use the day to start a project. It's good energy to initiate one of your special ideas. Mercury enters Capricorn, which will help you communicate in a professional, pragmatic manner. Think of the deals you want to carry out, be ambitious in your thinking.

Thursday, Dec 28 Moon in Aries, VC 9:54 pm. Be bold and put yourself and your ideas in the foreground. Do what's best for you today. Watch your temper. You won't have much patience for another person's slower pace. Protect your head when you need to; be sure to wear that helmet. Do some serious thinking on how to heal your woes. Thoughts have great power today.