Town Columns


By Gail Craig - December 14, 2006

It would appear that Christmas in Edgartown was a huge success. Wandering around town on Saturday, I saw lots of familiar faces but also a lot of unknown people as well. It's nice that the whole festive Christmas in Edgartown celebration has taken off again, thanks to the board of trade. But I really must tip my hat to Deborah Westervelt in particular, owner of Octopus' Island in Nevin Square. Deborah has chaired the Christmas in Edgartown committee and has more energy than anyone I have ever seen. She stayed on top of things for the last several months, made countless phone calls, held meetings, ran around chasing after everyone and everything to make sure the weekend was a success. Thank you for your hard work, Deborah. I suggest a long vacation in January!

Personally, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Christmas parade on Saturday. It wasn't huge but it was cute and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I'd like to give a special thank you to my parade mentor Ted Morgan for helping line things up and get things going, to the police for helping us along, to Stuart Fuller and the highway department for blocking off the parking lot at the school and for everyone who took part in the fun.

From my perspective, some of the most popular attractions were conjured up, organized, and sponsored by Jen Morgan and the MSPCA. The kittens in the window of The Gift Shop on Main Street drew a constant crowd. Odds were being tossed around town that every kitten would be adopted before the weekend was over. And the dogs in the parade, over 30 in all I think, were hugely popular with the spectators. I know Roxie and Chester enjoyed themselves immensely! Nice work, Jen.

Rebekah Blu reported that the first annual holiday treasure hunt was a successful creative adventure for all who participated. Roughly 30 children and 20 parents took part in the hunt. Upon arriving at Past & Presents antique store, treasure hunters received a parchment colored scroll, laid out as a pirate map, in addition to a snowman bag to collect their treasures. The treasure map consisted of clever and poetic clues which led the children to 10 other businesses throughout Edgartown. When the children deciphered the clues and made their way from business to business, they were rewarded with a trinket. The businesses that participated in the hunt were Past & Present, Edgartown Books, Claudia's, Murdick's Fudge, Sherlock & Bare, Handworks, Vineyard Vines, Octopus' Garden, The Golden Door, The Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust and The Midnight Mermaid Gallery.

The response from the participants was extremely enthusiastic! The children seemed very pleased with both the clues and the treasures they received. Murdick's was naturally a favorite spot along the route. Long after the joy of their holiday treasures have worn off, the children will still have something to look forward to as the Preservation Trust gave out free tickets to the Flying Horses as part of their contribution. All the treasures were well received and deeply appreciated. Rebekah would like to thank all the businesses that participated for their generosity.

The event was created and organized by Rebekah Blu, owner of the Midnight Mermaid Gallery, in conjunction with The Christmas in Edgartown Committee. Deborah Westervelt (there she is again - I told you she had lots of energy) also played an essential role. Rebekah said she has been inspired by the positive response, smiles and genuine gratitude she has received from the children, parents and stores that participated and would like to see the event evolve in the future. Business owners interested in participating in next years hunt should contact Rebekah at the Midnight Mermaid, 508-627-9508.

Maggie Mei Moffet, daughter of Julie and John Moffet, will be turning two on Dec. 14 and to celebrate they are going to Boston to see the Rockettes. Julie's parents, Judy and Peter Williamson will be joining in the fun. Julie said that they went two years ago and it was spectacular! I've already heard great reviews for this year's program so they should have lots of fun. The Moffet gang will also be celebrating on Dec. 18, as that will mark six months with Maggie home with her family, although Julie says it already feels like they have always had her! Congratulations and have fun.

I think that's about it for this week. I'm tired and heading to bed myself. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news!