Kahoots (above) performs at the Outerland Friday. Photo by Diana Waring

Music to celebrate by

By Julian Wise - December 21, 2006

The late December lineup of live musical entertainment offers musical treats for those hankering to get out of the house and check out live bands. So forget out about those "Law and Order" reruns for a night and enjoy the following acts.

Emily Furlong
December 21, Offshore Ale

More than just a pretty face, this young singer/songwriter possesses an impressive vocal talent that has garnered praise within the New York music circuit. Ms. Furlong will be joined by pianist
Jeremy Berlin.

Kahoots with Nina Violet and Dust of the Lotus
December 22, Outerland

This performance will offer Kahoots fans the opportunity to see the power punk/pop band perform with a high octane sound system in a club setting. Former band member and folkie chanteuse Nina Violet will join the band for several songs when not performing on the bill with her original outfit Nina Violet and Dust of the Lotus.

Money Shot
Dance New Year's Eve away with the energetic "Money Shot." Photo by Susan Safford

Money Shot
New Year's Eve, The Wharf

While cover bands are to creativity what iceberg lettuce is to nutrition, special credit is due to this rock outfit for whipping up an energetic set that gets audiences dancing to its 80s-to-present-day set list. Lead singer Erik Claussen (remembered by older Islanders as the vocalist for the metal band Skellum in the 80s) possesses an impressive tenor yowl. Where else on the Island will you hear The Outfield's "Your Love" followed by The Darkness's "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"? Nowhere.

Julian Wise is a frequent contributor to The Times, specializing in music, film, and the performing arts.