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Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley
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Posted December 21, 2006

The road leading to Christmas is getting shorter and the excitement getting greater, especially for children and those people awaiting the arrival of expected guests. The weather is not what we would have expected for this time of year, but that does not need to stifle our joy. So offer what you can to those who are in need of material goods, or even a friend.

The Oak Bluffs School is now generating its own electricity through the generous services of the Cape Light Compact and Clean Energy Alternatives. Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the school roof over the last month and they generate solar energy which helps to reduce the school's reliance on tradition fossil fuel sources as well as the amount spent each month on electricity. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony next month at one of the weekly community meetings. If you wish to track the progress of this solar project, you may log on to the monitoring web site and observe how much energy is saved through the use of these panels. The web site is

The 2007 Student Annual Passes for the VTA are now available for purchase at the Oak Bluffs School for $25. This pass is valid from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2007.

Clifford and Jennifer Robinson along with their sons Paul and James went on a traveling adventure the first of December. The family traveled to Connecticut where they caught a train to New York City. There the family attended the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. They also had lunch and visited with Jennifer's 85-year-old great aunt. It was a wonderful few days and one the whole family will always remember.

I received a response for a nomination for the Act of Random Kindness Award. It was suggested that the personnel at the Oak Bluffs Post Office receive this award. The reasons being their exceptional service and helpful attitude even during such hectic times as this holiday season. They are always cheerful and a little "elf" told us that Santa sent a secret helper there to make sure that letters sent to Santa are sent along to that bearded jolly gentleman. It is also reported that Santa responds to all the letter writers. Are we not truly fortunate to have this wonderful service in our town?

We send condolences to the family of Joyce Tucker Alley who died last Saturday. Joyce worked at the communications center at the airport for 20 years and was that friendly voice you would hear on your scanner. I know she frequently had to call our house for Fire Dept. calls, and she always managed to give her message with her own brand of humor. She leaves brothers Philip and George and a sister Susan Peters along with her daughter Lisa Cash, and two granddaughters, Jenna Gosselin and Annie Cash.

Marguerite Cogliano ran the Las Vegas 26-mile road race on Dec. 10. Accompanying her were her aunt, Denise Cogliano and the Siminson girls from Oak Bluffs.

The Oak Bluffs Senior Center still has spaces available for the Trip to Foxwoods next month, so if you are interested call Rose at the Center to sign up.

The Times invites readers to send a seasonal greeting to anyone serving in our country's military. Sent the Times a message of 30 words or less including your name and telephone number. The message may be addressed to a particular person in uniform or just a general greeting. The messages will be published on Dec. 28 and the deadline is Dec. 22, so hurry and get those messages in. Take them to the Times on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven or e-mail them to:

This week the Oak Bluffs School is combining the Red Stocking Fund Drive week with donations to the Red Cross. Any donations are appreciated and students wear as much red as they can to support these charities. Deadline is tomorrow, so please consider these two worthwhile causes.

The Fair Ladies wish everyone happy holidays and a peaceful new year. They want you to think about your entries for next summer's fair while you are gathering with your family and friends.

We send birthday smiles to Danielle DeBettencourt on Dec. 21, and Rae Carter, Sandra DeBettencourt, and Bertie Madeiras on Dec. 22.

Extra special anniversary wishes to Maureen and Bill Anderson who celebrate 50 years on Dec. 29. They will celebrate this event in St. Pete Beach in Florida along with their children, Kristen Anderson, Bill and Doreen Anderson, Kathy and Andrew Farrisey, Gretchen Anderson and Ben Hall and their nine grandchildren. Congratulations to this wonderful couple.

If you know of a special act of random kindness that should be recognized, please send it along to me, along with any other news.

May you all enjoy and celebrate your holidays in whichever ways you believe and with those who mean the most to you. Peace.