By Arlan Wise - December 28, 2006

2007 sits under the protection of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Luck will help you find a way out of most situations. It's a great year for travel and educating yourself, for opening up your worldview and being forced to face your prejudices. It's a bonus year for Sagittarians, they will be luckier than usual. Jupiter comes up to join Pluto at the end degrees of Sagittarius next December and things will heat up.

Saturn leaves Leo and enters Virgo in September when he changes the curriculum of lessons to be learned. Leos will feel relief after 2? years of Saturn's scrutiny. Virgos start the process. The big shake-up that started last year for Virgos and Pisces continues with the 2007 eclipses falling in those signs.

Mars, Venus, and Mercury have retrograde periods in 2007. It's rare to find all three retrograde in the same year. You'll be doing a lot of reviewing of all aspects of your life. Mercury is retrograde Feb.13-March 7; June 15-July 9; and Oct. 11-Nov. He retrogrades in water signs, meaning that he will be asking you to review your emotions and feelings about your life.

If you want to read a long-range prediction on the USA chart, pick up the January issue of Vanity Fair and read Michael Lutin. He has put a link to the article on his web site It is worth reading.

Thursday, Dec. 28 Moon in Aries, VC 9:54 pm. Put yourself and your ideas boldly in the foreground. Do what's best for you today. Watch your temper. You won't have much patience for another person's slower pace. Protect your head when you need to; be sure to wear that helmet. Do some serious thinking on how to heal your woes. Thoughts have great power today.

Friday, Dec. 29 Moon in Taurus. You'll find great bargains at the after Christmas sales. It will be hard to resist the holiday indulgences so forget about the diet until the weekend is over. Chocolate was made to be eaten. It's a day with an emphasis on earth. You can sort out your priorities and get it right.

Saturday, Dec. 30 Moon in Taurus, VC 9:37 pm. It's a lazy day, good for shopping and eating. Feed your aesthetic side by listening to music and seeing art. Take a rest from the partying and prepare for more with a good nap in the afternoon. Treat yourself to a massage and a gourmet dinner.

Sunday, Dec. 31 Moon in Gemini. This will be a busy last day of the year, full of phone calls, emails, visits from friends and neighbors, and lots of short trips. Don't forget to finish up your 2006 charitable donations. The moon touches Jupiter as she ends the year, promising a bountiful year to come.

Monday, Jan. 1 Moon in Gemini. Happy New Year! 2007 will be an exciting year. Make plans to do a lot of traveling. It's a great year for exploring and adventures. Call and e-mail friends and siblings to share your new year's resolutions. This is not a good moon for making the resolutions stick, so try a both/and approach.

Tuesday, Jan. 2 Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 10:14 am. Start work late but put in a full day. Do the important tasks of the week today. You'll find pleasant surprises as you go back to your routine. It will feel comfortable to slip back into the known. Check on your smoke alarms, computer virus protection, and other security necessities.

Wednesday, Jan. 3 Moon in Cancer, VC 8:57 am. Take note that the moon is void of course all day. It's a day to finish up, clean up, and then play hooky. Venus enters Aquarius where she becomes detached and wants to see the big picture. She is a thinking Venus, not a cuddly one. Tonight's emotional full moon asks you to be thankful for the comfort of home and family.

Thursday, Jan. 4 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 4:14 pm. It's another VC moon workday. It makes it hard to get much accomplished so don't try too hard. Clean and tidy your home and workspace. Clean out your e-mail inbox. Save your important work for tonight when you will get better results.

Friday, Jan. 5 Moon in Leo. Begin a fun weekend today and save the work for tomorrow. Let yourself shine among good friends. Take the kids on a special treat trip. Surprise your lover with a romantic weekend. Be creative in your giving. Look around and find fuel for your creative fires. Take a risk to make your heart happy.

Saturday, Jan. 6 Moon in Leo, VC 7:55 pm. Today has a more serious feeling to it. Take your inspirations and draw them, paint them, compose them, write them. Do the work that creativity requires. Take care of the kids' problems and needs. Party tonight with people you love. Clean up tomorrow.

Sunday, Jan. 7 Moon in Virgo. This is the day you'll want to do the chores. Fix broken things, recycle, make shopping lists, and replace batteries in smoke alarms. Put those energy saving bulbs in your lamps. Important ideas will come to you today, be sure to write them down. It's an excellent time for long-range planning and setting goals.

Monday, Jan. 8 Moon in Virgo. This is one of those super productive workdays. It is the day to get organized. You can concentrate long and hard and things will fall into place. You'll have the energy to spend many hours dedicated to a task. Take yesterday's insights and apply them to your work.

Tuesday, Jan. 9 Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 1:15 pm. It's best to spend the morning doing those tedious time consuming tasks like putting away the clutter, or entering data into the computer. Once the moon changes sign, you'll be able to handle real problems and know how to find the compromise you need.

Wednesday, Jan. 10 Moon in Libra. Catch up on your social life. Get together with the friends you didn't see over the holidays. Hold meetings at work. Buy some jewelry or art at the sales. Chiron and Venus meet in Aquarius to help you give an objective look at your insecurities and your relationship inspired wounds.

Thursday, Jan. 11 Moon in Libra, VC 8:55 pm. It's a day to be out and about. This is not the day to hide away at your desk. Call friends to share meals and share ideas. Fulfill a social obligation. You have the diplomatic skills to broker a good deal. Find some extras time to be with your partner.