Head Start at Harbor View

Felix Colon and Patricia Sirakosky
Felix Colon watches with concentration as mom Patricia Sirakosky puts features on his gingerman. Photo by Ralph Stewart

Posted December 28, 2006

A cookie-making party at the Harbor View, one of what Head Start refers to as its socialization events, became a sweet time for a group of preschoolers and their parents. After touring the kitchen, the staff at Harbor View presented each child with all the fixings to decorate gingerbread cookies. The creative results were enjoyed by all.

Head Start, part of the Early Childhood Program of Community Services, plans regular bi-monthly trips to experience the offerings of different Island locations, part of their mission to foster positive self-images in youngsters. The free, family-centered, home-based program offers support to parents with activities and weekly home visits from teachers.

There is no charge for Head Start services which include health screenings, vouchers for many of the Island's activity centers, and bi-monthly meetings at which relevant educational topics are discussed.

There are currently several openings in the program. Those interested can contact Debbie Milne: 508-693-7900, ext. 281.