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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted December 28, 2006

2006 has been a big year for Tisbury. We have had several house fires, and we have a really big fire truck. And now we have a new Engine One pumper and HazMat truck. Bigger houses have been going up all over town, many replacing older smaller houses. Now we have some big questions to answer, perhaps as early as the February town meeting.

Possible items for discussion include the restructuring and paving of the town parking lot on Water Street and a much needed emergency services facility to house the new fire trucks. Mark your calendar now for the town meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening, Feb. 20. Perhaps we will be talking about beer and wine licenses, although that is more likely to extend through several public hearings first.

Sandy Whitworth says that the Tisbury Travel Club has tickets for the Jan. 12 and Feb. 2 matinee concerts of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There are also tickets available to "The Cherry Orchard" at the Huntington Theatre in Boston on Jan. 31 and the Rhode Island Spring Garden & Flower Show on Feb. 22. Call Sandy at 508-696-4205 for reservations.

News flash: The Tisbury Travel Club trips are open to anyone. The trips are administered by the Tisbury Senior Center because that is our community center. The folks there are dedicated to providing seniors and their families, friends, and neighbors to a variety of classes, events, and programs for enrichment of their lives through entertainment and education.

You should know that senior centers don't have members. Sandy wants you all to know that you are welcome to come to the Tisbury Senior Center at any time.

Island library fines are waived through the end of the year. However, you are also expected to bring in canned goods for the Food Pantry. Cash donations will be accepted if you forget.

The "Miracles of Christmas" will be presented tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night. These are three 12th century plays about Saint Nicholas performed at the Cornell Theatre.

I hope you have had a chance to enjoy all the beautiful lights and holiday decorations that make our town into a winter fairyland. Nan Carter noted that she always enjoys the change of costumes on the penguins in the window of Bramhall & Dunn. Their seasonal appearance has become a tradition on Main Street.

The holiday horse and wagon rides provided by the business association have become another town tradition. Fred Fisher III will hitch up his team of horses for rides between the Tisbury Marketplace and Bowl and Board on Saturday from 11 to 2. This is the last time this year. The rain date is Sunday.

Have you thought carefully about your New Year's resolutions? This year I am trying for those that I can reasonably expect may last past the first week or two of 2007. Maybe I need a Mid Year resolution deadline as well.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Peter VanTassel, Toby Riseborough, and Denise Dorsey Cafarelli. Monday rings in the New Year and also birthday greetings to Steve Bernier and Jeremy Rockman. Wish the best on Tuesday to John Chapman.

Heard on Main Street: Life is what happens while you are making other plans.