Fireworks over the harbor

Posted January 4, 2007

It is that reliable drama, that booming ripple that sends sparks and spirals of color against the dark curtain of sky and signifies the passing of an old year and the onset of a new one. New beginnings should be heralded with the thunder and theatrics of fireworks. And where better than over Vineyard Haven harbor, where the sound echoes over the water and the reflections of sparkling colors add to the magic. We have announced: 2007 will be better, kinder, and we as a community will, with appropriate reverence, cherish our Island home and neighbors.

Ferry and fireworks
Photos by Ralph Stewart
Lucy Vincent Band
The Lucy Vincent Band on the Katharine Cornell Theatre stage. The band was just one of the many musical groups that performed for Last Night, First Day.
Scott Tuttle
Scott Tuttle sets up the train display at Fourway Inn as part of the Last Night, First Day celebration.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy at the piano on New Year's Eve at the Lambert's Cove Inn in West Tisbury.
Timmy Noble
The 24-foot Christmas tree at Fourway Inn in Vineyard Haven didn't get any attention from Timmy Noble. He liked the trains much better.