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West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Girls at beach
A Christmas morning walk left everyone smiling. Photo by Hermine Hull

Posted January 4, 2007

For anyone who doubts that we have had an unusually warm winter so far, let me tell you about Christmas Day on Lucy Vincent Beach. Mike and I packed our dogs up after breakfast and headed out to the beach for a walk. It was a beautiful Christmas morning. We were alone on the beach for a while, quite a way down when we heard noise behind us. We turned around and could see a group of people and their dog in the distance climbing on the rocks, having a good time.

By the time we walked back, we could see they were a group of young girls dressed in diaphanous summery dresses, their feet bare in the sand. No one was wearing a coat. They were Alice Greene and her dog Hailey, Chelsea and Mattia Phaneuf, Bailey and Asia Morgan, Michaela Delphin, Janelle Larsen, and Alice's mother, Elizabeth Greene. The girls had spent the night at the Greene's home on Charles Neck Way. The sky was so clear and the night was so mild that they took blankets outside and slept under the stars. Everyone saw shooting stars. Christmas morning they came out for a walk on the beach. That is pretty amazing for Dec.24 and 25.

On a walk along the Edgartown Road with the Paths Beside the Roads Committee on Saturday, I saw blooming myrtle flowers in front of God's Pocket. I moved the leaves away from a sunny spot in my Aunt Janice's garden later in the day and found green shoots of snowdrops up almost three inches. No flowers yet.

Marge Luening celebrated her birthday on Christmas Eve Day. She appeared to be enjoying her day and was getting ready to have her family together for Christmas.

Ralph and Alvida Jones hosted Bill and Ann Fielder and Cynthia Riggs for a dinner of venison stew. The deer had been taken in the Jones's woods, and Ralph proclaimed, "We knew it was a well-fed deer because it had been feeding on our vegetables."

Linda and Glenn Hearn were off-Island for Christmas, spending their time with their children and grandchildren, traveling between Abingdon and Rockport.

Bill and Chris Logue were here for a few days before Christmas, staying with Bill's mother, Margaret Logue. Bill, Chris, and their children - James, Emily, and Meg - had Christmas Eve dinner at Margaret's, joined by Ernie Mendenhall, Kathy Logue, and their daughter Megan. Megan and Margaret had decorated a two-

story tree in the living room, with named places for presents beneath.

Mike's cousin Dan Hull came from Somerville with his wife, Xiaoshi, their daughter, Sunday, and Xiaoshi's niece from China, Tang Yu. Currently, Tang Yu is a college student in Canada. They all came for Christmas Eve dinner at our house with all the Island relatives: Bobby Hull, Jared Hull, Cecily Bryant and her son, Joshua, Hannah Beecher, Brian Ruddick, Amy Eisenlohr, Ezra Agnew, Kelly DeBettencourt, and Tom and Emily Wetherall. We had a wonderful time together and a lovely holiday.

Tom and Suellen Knight are here with their Lab-Golden Retriever named Nereus. Nereus is the love of my Talley's life, and we, along with Leslie Baker and her Border Terriers, Zennie and Pancho, all enjoyed a glorious walk at Sepiessa on Friday morning. Tom and Suellen will be meeting their son Alex in New Bedford on Jan. 3, where they will take part in a 24-hour reading of "Moby Dick" at the Whaling Museum.

One of the guests at Tom Vogl and Katherine Long's Winter Solstice Party left behind a baseball cap with "Royal Montreal Golf Club" printed across the front. Now you know where you left it. Please call them at 693-6065.

The VNA of Cape Cod Men's Health Partnership is sponsoring a free health check for men who are uninsured or underinsured. Cholesterol, glucose, and prostate screening will be included in a mini physical exam and blood test. This screening is scheduled to take place on Feb. 7 at Island Health Care at the Triangle in Edgartown. You can schedule your appointment by calling 1-888-557-9994. I will mention this again before Feb. 7.

Cronig's has been open the past two Sundays for the holidays and will continue to be open on Sundays till 3 pm throughout the winter.

The past couple of days have been cold enough to remind us that it really is winter. Mike and I walked out of his mother's house earlier this evening to see hard frost on her lawn. When we got home and checked our thermometer, it read 18 degrees. It's hard to believe the days are getting longer.