The cosmic weather report...

By Arlan Wise - January 11, 2007

Every few months it feels important to explain how to read this column. Read it like you read the weather report. When it is raining, everyone is affected by that fact. You get wet, feel gloomy, and have to change plans. If you know in advance that it will be stormy, you'll wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella. When the moon is in Cancer, everyone is similarly affected. You feel emotional, want to be at home, have strong intuitions. When the sun is out, everyone responds to that. It feels good to lie in the sun and things look bright. When the moon is in Leo, everyone feels playful and happy.

Don't be confused seeing that there are sign names by each day. Don't go looking for your sun sign and read only that day. The moon moves through all 12 signs on a 28-day cycle. Each sign creates a different atmosphere. If you are familiar with your chart, you can make the information more personal by seeing which house of the chart the moon moves through each day. That area is highlighted and activated.

VC means the moon is Void-of-Course, not connecting to any of the planets until it finishes moving through the sign it's in. It describes a time period when what is started never ends up as expected. It's a time to reflect, rest, and meditate.

The next retrograde Mercury period is Feb. 13-March 7.

Thursday, Jan. 11 Moon in Libra, VC 8:55 pm. It's a day to be out and about. This is not the day to hide away at your desk. Call friends to share meals and share ideas. Fulfill a social obligation. Improve your professional image. You have the diplomatic skills to broker a good deal. Find some extra time to be with your partner.

Friday, Jan. 12 Moon in Scorpio. Today is a lucky day, lucky in love and also lucky in cards. Listen to your inner voice and try to create your fortune. You can make intelligent decisions about your money and where to invest it. Try for a new job or ask for a promotion. Have an intimate evening with your lover.

Saturday, Jan. 13 Moon in Scorpio. Today is a day of extremes; Mars comes up to meet Pluto, which is always explosive energy. Be defensive and avoid danger. You can't bottle anything up today, neither your anger, nor your secrets. It's a day to make a big change if you are ready to do so.

Sunday, Jan. 14 Moon in Scorpio, VC from 10:49 am until 1:11 pm when it enters Sagittarius. You will spend a great part of the day pondering the wisdom, or news, that you discovered yesterday. Your spirits lift in the afternoon and it will be good, if not necessary, to go play outdoors.

Monday, Jan. 15 Moon in Sagittarius. This is a good moon for a holiday. Things go well today and you'll feel optimistic. Take a little trip to climb a mountain. Immerse yourself in sports or yoga. Listen to a lecture on something you know nothing about. Mercury enters Aquarius to show you the big picture and broaden your perspective.

Tuesday, Jan. 16 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 4:28 pm until 8:49 when it enters Capricorn. Make contact with the people overseas you do, or want to do, business with. Mars enters Capricorn, which is the sign where he does his best work. Now you have no more excuses for not implementing your new projects. Finalize your plans today.

Wednesday, Jan. 17 Moon in Capricorn. This is a work day. Continue to complete your plans today. Make schedules for the next six months. Set your goals for the immediate and the long-range future. Work hard to finish up anything that stands in your way towards moving forward.

Thursday, Jan. 18 Moon in Capricorn. The moon is closing down towards new moon so it's best to wait one more day before starting anything. You'll have the ability and a pragmatic vision to clean up your current messes and get ready for your new ones. Discard any clutter that's been there so long you don't see it anymore.

Friday, Jan. 19 Moon in Aquarius. Today is the day to launch new projects and start a new routine. Set those plans in motion. Free yourself from old attitudes and habits. It is the last day of this organized and professional Capricorn work energy, so work hard and put in the long hours. Drive yourself and don't stop until you've gotten it all done.

Saturday, Jan. 20 Moon in Aquarius. The sun enters Aquarius at 6:01 am. You'll go into your mind and want to stay there all day. It's a day when thoughts take hold and become more interesting than anything else. Join in a project that benefits the community. Find a cause to champion. Invite friends over for an evening of good talk.

Sunday, Jan. 21 Moon in Pisces. Take a rest. Putter around with your houseplants. Spend the day nourishing your sensitive side. Take a walk by the water; let your worries dissolve in the rhythms it makes. Do something that helps someone else. Listen to your favorite music and nap.

Monday, Jan. 22 Moon in Pisces. Saturn asks you for a truthful accounting of your financial state and of your love life. It's a day to shoot down the illusions and denials. You'll be able to find the words to say your stuff with grace and good will. Listen to what comes out of your mouth; it may surprise you with how smart it is.

Tuesday, Jan. 23 Moon in Aries. Go full speed ahead into your new life. Focus on your own ventures for the next two days. It will pay off if you are a bit selfish. You need to work at your own pace, so try to set it up so you have few disruptions while working. Don't overlook the rules in your hurray to get it done.

Wednesday, Jan. 24 Moon in Aries. Save the meetings for another day, as you'll want to keep going at your own speed on your own work. It's time to move into your new identity and leave the old habits behind. You need to walk alone today. Your mind and nervous system are in high gear.

Thursday, Jan. 25 Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:28 am. The real world beckons and you have to deal with the things you've put aside. Pay attention to your body and what it needs you to do for it. Slow down and give yourself time to pamper your body with aromatherapy and bubble baths.