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West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted January 18, 2007

Abigail Higgins wrote a wonderful column a couple of weeks ago about forcing branches to bloom inside. It is always nice to be able to have a bouquet from one's own yard, unusual to say the least at this time of year, but with the mild temperatures we have been having one needn't bother. The quince bush on the south side of our house already has open flowers and a cherry tree in Henry Bessire's back yard is displaying a crownlet of pink blossoms. My forsythia is still closed tight, so I have clipped some branches and brought them inside to bloom by Groundhog Day, as Mrs. Riggs always did and Cynthia continues that tradition.

Tom Wetherall had the good fortune to become a grandfather twice last week. Onalee Heidi Gates was born on Tuesday, Jan. 9, to Tom's daughter Heidi. On Thursday, Jan. 11, his daughter Katrina gave birth to Ethan Lawrence Sutcliffe. They are Tom's third and fourth grandchildren. It should be fun seeing them grow up so close together. Welcome to the world, Onalee and Ethan.

All three West Tisbury selectmen were in Boston this past weekend, attending a meeting of the Massachusetts Municipal Association. Governor Deval Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, and Red Sox manager Terry Francona were the featured speakers.

While in Boston with Glenn, Linda Hearn made a special trip to see the newly-opened Institute of Contemporary Art. She loved the building with its amazing view and found the exhibition interesting.

I need to make a correction from an earlier column. Bill and Chris Logue's older daughter is named Kate, not Emily. I must have been thinking of Emily Lowe, Erik and Cheryl's daughter, a member of the extended family. Kate was here with her parents and siblings, James and Meg, for Christmas Eve dinner at Margaret Logue's house with the Logue/Mendenhall family.

Lots of events are happening at the library. This Saturday's craft project will be making pinecone bird feeders. The Monday Night Movie is "Fire Over England" starring Sir Laurence Olivier. Next Thursday evening, Jan. 25, Chris Wiley will teach a workshop, "Plant Propagation 101," from 5 to 7 pm; there is a sign-up sheet at the desk for this.

As I pulled up in front of the post office last week, Talley gave a bark of interest at the car pulling in alongside of us. It was like seeing a reflection in a mirror as Cassandra Cabot looked out her back window at Talley Hull, two pretty yellow lab faces. Cassie is a year younger than Tallulah, and has the same sweet personality, according to her owner, Nancy Cabot. They both like riding around in the car, too.

The mild weather has been a treat for outdoor painters. Leslie Baker and I have been painting at Chilmark Pond and at our favorite spot, Sepiessa Point. On a walk with Sue Hruby and Talley, we ran across Allen Whiting and Bill McLane one morning, painting in the lee of the trees. The light has been shimmering, seeming to float above the ground, backlighting dark blue hills at dusk or orange and plum-colored streaks earlier in the day. No matter how many times I paint or walk there, it always intrigues me.

There are still lots of ticks though, so be sure to check yourself and your dogs after an outing.