A Look at Saturn...

By Arlan Wise - January 25, 2007

What makes life so hard at times? Who gives us these lessons and learning experiences? Astrologers look to Saturn for those answers. Saturn is Father Time. He is the stern schoolmaster who makes sure we do our homework, he's like my third grade teacher who had a "100 or nothing" policy for math homework. He makes you redo your work until you get it right.

Saturn is moving backwards in Leo until April 19. He is asking us to recheck the work we've done on ourselves during the past two years. How well can you define yourself? Have you learned to open your heart? Are you confident in showing your creativity? Are you doing what you want to do or what is expected of you? Have you taken the distractions out of your life? Those with planets at 18 to 26 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio are receiving the most severe tests. Saturn leaves Leo and enters Virgo on September 2.

Mercury turns retrograde on February 13. He will be in retrograde motion until March 7. Plan accordingly.

Thursday, Jan. 25 Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:28 am. The real world beckons and you have to deal with the things you've put aside. Pay attention to your body and what it wants you to do for it. Slow down and take the time to pamper yourself with aromatherapy and bubble baths.

Friday, Jan. 26 Moon in Taurus. You have good insights about how to handle your possessions. Your mind is inspired by dreams and fantasies. It's a good day to create art in many forms. Everyone is feeling stubborn, so don't argue; you will have much trouble getting your point across.

Saturday, Jan. 27 Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:08 am until 12:10 pm when it enters Gemini. Take your time and have a big breakfast. The pace picks up and you'll be on the go in the afternoon. It's a good day for visiting friends, doing errands, and seeing acquaintances in the supermarket. Venus enters Pisces tonight, which makes her very happy and loving.

Sunday, Jan. 28 Moon in Gemini. This is the day to sit yourself down and write that thing you've been putting off. You will have the focus. You can do it well and get good results for your time and concentration. Work on any speech you have to give or application or grant proposal. Answer that long list of e-mails. Check in with your bothers and sisters.

Monday, Jan. 29 Moon in Gemini, VC from 1:40 pm until 5:16 pm when it enters Cancer. You can get a lot of work done this morning. Try to work at double-speed and do two things at once. You can relax during the afternoon and gossip with co-workers. It's an evening to go home and snuggle in. Cook your comfort foods.

Tuesday, Jan. 30 Moon in Cancer. The sun joins Chiron today and tells you to listen to your feelings and the information you sense. There is great potential for healing your old wounds. People are emotional today and it will be easy to be swept away by somebody's story. Call Mom and see if she needs any help. Shop for your favorite foods. Take care of tomorrow's important tasks.

Wednesday, Jan. 31 Moon VC Cancer. Today is one of those all day VC moon days. It's a good day to take as a personal day, or clean closets, or finish up what you've put in motion. You'll find old feelings well up at odd times. Sort through the pantry and discard old food as well as the old feelings.

Thursday, Feb. 1 Moon in Leo. The energy changes as we approach tomorrow's full moon. You'll want to speak up and show what you think and what you can do. You need to be able to do things your way today. Take time to have fun with kids. Have friends over to take a moonlight walk in the woods.

Friday, Feb. 2 Moon in Leo. This full moon is a lucky one. You can have success in gambling if you use your intelligence. Thoughts have great power today. Take some time to see how you fit into the greater brotherhood of humanity. Mercury takes a rest as he goes into the sign of Pisces. He gives you more images and fewer words.

Saturday, Feb. 3 Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 9:34 am. Today is another lucky day when the sun and Jupiter dance. Leave your routine behind and go have a new and exciting experience. Think big thoughts. Take a workshop, go skiing, climb a mountain. You need to go over the top a bit today in some, if not many, aspects of your life.

Sunday, Feb. 4 Moon in Virgo. This is the weekend day to do the chores. Clean, tidy, recycle, and fix what's broken. Discard the clutter in your house. Pay your bills and start sorting things out for your taxes. Give serious thought to your diet and exercise plan. Relax with word games and puzzles.

Monday, Feb. 5 Moon in Virgo, VC from 5:36 pm until 9:15 pm when it enters Libra. This is the best day of the week to get your work done. You'll have patience to handle the tedious details of what you do. You'll be able to clear out your inbox and things to do list. It's a little picture day to focus on the fine points and the small print.

Tuesday, Feb. 6 Moon in Libra. The energy slows and you'll feel more social and less like working. This is the day for meetings and conference calls. You will be able to find a compromise. Buy something visually pleasing for the office. Get out and make yourself available to meet people.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 Moon in Libra. Venus meets up with Uranus to throw you into unexpected social situations. You can meet a romantic partner. You can end a relationship in an instant. If you are in a long-term relationship, find a way to add some excitement. Go to auctions and specialty shops to find that exceptional bargain.

Thursday, Feb. 8 Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 10:09 am. The sun meets Neptune for their yearly rendezvous and fills the day with inspiration, illusions, romantic fantasies, and true spiritual energy. You can't focus enough to get any important work done, so spend your time helping someone or working for a cause. Honor your right brain by writing a poem.