Getting their hands dirty

Posted January 25, 2007

There are always plenty of chores to do on a farm so that's why the FARM Institute (TFI) asks for help on Saturday mornings. Last weekend, the Saturday at the FARM program brought out energetic children who helped feed the animals, clean out the stalls, and did a few other jobs that were more fun than work.

The popular program runs weekly through March 3. Call TFI and let them know you are coming so they can have enough staff members on hand. TFI is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children and adults in sustainable agriculture on a working farm.

For more information call, 508-627-7007.

Jeremey Mercier
Making granola from scratch is Jeremey Mercier. There are indoor as well as outdoor activities. Soon, wool crafts will be taught such as spinning and felting.
Nicholas Andre
Nicholas Andre tosses a loaf of day-old bread into a wheelbarrow at the FARM Institute in Edgartown. The pigs enjoy the bread, a donation from the Black Dog Bakery.
Galen Mayhew
Galen Mayhew meets a friendly pig last Saturday morning. Photos by Ralph Stewart
Nora Kennedy, Galen Mayhew, and Emma HallBilsback
Staff member Nora Kennedy (left), Galen Mayhew, and Emma HallBilsback (right) spread hay under the pig shelter. The hay is used for bedding and the pigs eat it too. The two sows are Gloustershire Old Spot, a rare breed. These two pigs weigh more than 500 pounds each and love to drink goat's milk.